Dec 052014
Students, Parents to Hold Rally Opposing COPS

Students And Families for Education (SAFE), a newly-formed coalition of San Leandro parents, students and community members, will hold a rally on Tuesday, December 9th at 6pm, outside San Leandro City Hall. The rally will take place before the San Leandro School Board meeting at which the Board will vote on whether to divert hundreds of thousands of dollars from school classrooms towards paying police officers’ salaries. SAFE opposes the use of any school funds to pay for law enforcement. “San Leandro schools have been underfunded for years, class sizes have gone from 20 students to 28, and school counselors [Continue Reading]

Oct 012014
Notes from Town Hall meeting on Transportation & Housing

The following are the tweets sent by Mike Katz-Lacabe from the Transportation & Housing that took place on 9/22/14 at main library. Keith Cooke: San Leandro is currently building a network of Class 2 and 3 bike paths. Limited by funding & because city is older. First meetings for San Leandro’s General Plan update: Oct. 23 at Sr. Comm. Center & Oct. 28 at Marina Comm. Center San Leandro spent $15 million on streets in past 5 years. Just $750k was from general fund. Condition of roads in steady decline. In San Leandro, 9% of all streets require reconstruction, [Continue Reading]

Aug 172014
We Are Ferguson

The New York Times has a story,titled “Around St. Louis, a Circle of Rage” about how police harassment and political ostracism of African-Americans has given fuel to the protests we see in Ferguson.  You can substitute “Oakland” or “San Francisco” for St. Louis and get the same story. People of color – mostly, but not exclusively, African-American – are tired of having their children shot and being the object of police harassment. When you add to these issues, the fact that the middle class is being decimated, that jobs and opportunities for youth are disappearing and that America is no [Continue Reading]

Apr 092014
No Record of Complaints against E-Cigarettes in San Leandro

City Moves to Ban E-Cigarettes Despite Lack of Complaints About Their Use Last Month, the San Leandro City Council was set pass amendments to the City’s anti-smoking ordinance, as part of the consent calendar, that would prohibit the use of e-cigarettes to consume tobacco or marijuana everywhere where tobacco smoking cigarettes is prohibited today.  The ordinance also included a ban of smoking medical marijuana in private residences and after complaints by citizens Mayor Stephen Cassidy decided to take it off the agenda and bring it back, in an amended format, some time this month. The staff report that accompanied the [Continue Reading]

Nov 132013
Racism Quietly Flourishes in San Leandro

Neighbors Call Police for “Walking While Black” The warning came in a neighborhood bulletin board.  A female resident of the the mostly-white Estudillo Estates neighborhood, had seen three men in their twenties, two of them black,  walking down her street.  She did not recognize them.  Some time later, she saw them again. This time they were walking on the same direction, but on the other side of the street.  She was kicking herself for not having called the police on them.  Surely they were casing houses.  Mind you, she did not say she had seen them look at homes carefully, check out [Continue Reading]