H. E. Christian Peeples, Candidate for AC Transit Board of Directors


PeeplesChris Peeples in the incumbent at-large AC Transit Board member and Chair of the Board.  He has been in office since 1997. I’m recommending him for re-election, with reservations.

Peeples did not submit a questionnaire, but forwarded the questionnaires he submitted to the Contra Costa County Democratic Party and the Alameda County Green Party.  As a member of the community, I’ve had opportunities to interact with Peeples in a couple of occasions.  He was more responsive than other AC Transit Board members.  He is progressive and has received the Democratic endorsement (which is often pro forma in the case of incumbents who haven’t angered Labor).  Peeples, however, did not receive the endorsement of the Green Party due mostly to his support of expensive Belgium-made buses.