Jan 122015
Community Meeting on Police Militarization and Terror in San Leandro

If you live in San Leandro or a nearby, Students and Families For Education (SAFE) invites you to a: Community Meeting on Police Militarization and Terror in San Leandro Thursday, January 15th 7 PM Zocalo Coffeehouse 645 Bancroft Avenue Please come to share your story, discuss and organize around: San Leandro Police Department (SLPD) profiling/harassment of people of color SLPD shooting and killing people of color fleeing from police: 3 shootings in 3 months SLPD slandering & devaluing the life of Latino SLHS/SLAM graduate homicide victim SLPD militarization, including BearCat & military-grade weapons Increasing use of surveillance on residents and [Continue Reading]

Jan 062015
Jan 8, 5 PM: Thanks but No Tanks! Rally in San Leandro

The San Leandro Police Department  wants to acquire a “Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck” like the one above – pretending that it’s some sort of glorified ambulance. The City Council is set to let them do it. In reality, BearCat vehicles are used for regular law-enforcement purposes, such as serving warrants for minor crimes and collecting fines, and as intimidation tools against peaceful protesters. They are part of a broader project to militarize the police and use it as a potent repression tool against all sorts of political dissent. This particular model is outfitted with medical equipment inside, [Continue Reading]

Dec 172014
Thursday Dec. 18: Celebrate Mike with Free Speech in San Leandro!

Update For an event organized in 3 days, the Free Speech Day was very successful. The day started with Mike speaking about his work as a human rights activist and then as a privacy rights researcher/activist. Then SLHS students spoke about their concerns and experiences. One girl asked question of whether Martin Luther King’s dream had come true (it has not), others mentioned their disappointment at how City and School authorities are not transparent about issues that concern students, such as the COPS grant.  One student brought up the fact that they see many more military recruiters than college recruiters [Continue Reading]

Dec 052014
Students, Parents to Hold Rally Opposing COPS

Students And Families for Education (SAFE), a newly-formed coalition of San Leandro parents, students and community members, will hold a rally on Tuesday, December 9th at 6pm, outside San Leandro City Hall. The rally will take place before the San Leandro School Board meeting at which the Board will vote on whether to divert hundreds of thousands of dollars from school classrooms towards paying police officers’ salaries. SAFE opposes the use of any school funds to pay for law enforcement. “San Leandro schools have been underfunded for years, class sizes have gone from 20 students to 28, and school counselors [Continue Reading]

May 082014
It's Time to Cut Mike's Tail

It’s that time again, the Roosevelt Elementary Spring Auction.  And after three years of growing his hair out, San Leandro School Board member and husband of mine Mike Katz-Lacabe is ready to have YOU cut it off.  All you have to do is have the highest bid at the silent auction.  If you are present, scissors will be provided and you can do the honors that very night, in the presence of EVERYONE.  You can cut the tail off and give Mike the dorkiest hair cut ever.  Bring your camera! You can participate in this momentous occasion even if you’re [Continue Reading]