Jun 032021
Want access to California's new Attorney General Rob Bonta? It will cost you $1500.

It’s been little over a month since Rob Bonta was sworn in as California’s Attorney General after being appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom and he is already busy selling access. For a mere $1500 contributed to his wife’s campaign for Assembly, you get to meet the AG by zoom and, well, you’ll know what you want out of that meeting. As a bonus, you can also meet with his candidate wife, in case you have any special requests in the likely case she gets elected to the Assembly. 2 for the price of 1, now that’s a bargain.

Feb 022015
San Leandro Mayor Considers Anti-Tank Protesters to be a Threat

Fear is a stone throw away from political repression, literally. Update: The closed session meeting was finally cancelled on the day of the vote, but the City Council chambers were filled with police officers in uniform, in order to intimidate public speakers.  Two dozen citizens still spoke out against the tank. Only one San Leandro citizen without business ties to the police department spoke in favor of it. Mayor Pauline Cutter has called for a special closed session meeting of the San Leandro City Council  tonight, to take place before the Council votes to acquire a BearCat (Ballistic Engineered Armored [Continue Reading]

Oct 292013

San Leandro resident Cynthia Chandler posted this open letter today to Mayor Stephen Cassidy‘s Facebook page.   Ms Chandler is a professor of law at Golden Gate University. As a survivor of violence and as a resident concerned with public safety and ensuring our city uses its resources wisely, I am concerned that Chief Spagnoli is engaging in hyperbole and misinformation to promote her personal agenda. I am writing to ask you to take action by ensuring police chiefs are not permitted to craft city ordinances (advise, but not craft). Last night at the District 5 & 6 community meeting, Chief [Continue Reading]

Aug 202013
Tell me I'm wrong!!!

Accountability Starts Here! Tell me how I’m wrong. Really, this is your chance. In a Facebook thread, Councilmember Diana Souza accused me of making assumptions and “twisting things”. I’ve been very critical of Souza’s 7 years in the Council, so it’s not surprising that she feels that way. But is she right? I demand accountability from my elected officials,  surely my readers have the same right to demand it from me. I do make assumptions. I have to. When the City – or its officials – fail to be transparent, the only way to fill in the gaps is to [Continue Reading]

Aug 132013
Petty or just pitiful? Stephen Cassidy bans opponent (moi) from following him on Twitter.

Mayor Stephen Cassidy seems to be getting very nervous. He stopped me – and only me – from being able to post comments to his notes on his Mayoral Facebook page after I started writing about his lack of integrity and his repeated violations of open government laws.  He seems to be getting pettier and more fearful, though.  His latest stunt is to ban me from following his official Mayor account on twitter. A twitter ban doesn’t stop you from reading someone’s tweets or replying to them – it just stops you from re-tweeting them.  So it would seem that [Continue Reading]