Nov 052011
To steal or not to steal, that is the question.

Mary Hayashi accused of shoplifting $2K worth of clothing at Neiman Marcus, but would it have been better if she’d bought it? The Bay Area political world was in full giggle mode last week, as the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Mary Hayashi, who represents San Leandro at the California Assembly had been arrested for shoplifting.  Hayashi is a pretty controversial figure in Bay Area political circles, a powerful campaigner and even more successful fundraiser, she’s known both for talking the talk of her labor and Democratic supporters and walking the walk of her big donors.  She does dress well, [Continue Reading]

Jul 082011
Chickens in San Leandro?

The San Leandro Municipal code prohibits residents from keeping animals, other than dogs, cats, potbellied pigs and caged birds at home.  Animal husbandry is only permitted in the Mulford Gardens neighborhood of San Leandro.  However, there is a growing movement, in particular in the north area, to change the code to allow residents throughout the city to keep chickens (but not roosters) and bees.  Most cities around us make such allowances. At the last City Council meeting the matter was sent to the Rules committee – though it’s a the bottom of their list.  Council woman Souza complained that the [Continue Reading]

Apr 182011
New Poll: Should the City Manager live in San Leandro?

The city of San Leandro will be hiring a new City Manager shortly.  They’ve published a questionnaire online, asking  San Leandro residents vague questions about what they want in a City Manager. No word as to what they will do with the information.  One question that I think is particularly important is that of where the city manager should live.  By law, the City cannot impose a residency requirement on the City Manager – but it can hire someone who lives in San Leandro or shows a strong inclination to move here.  But should we care? [polldaddy poll=4913366]