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Feb 012012
City Council Quietly Negotiates Sale of Albertson's Property

According to the latest agenda, the San Leandro City Council will meet on Feb. 6th to discuss the price and terms of payment for the former Albertson’s property to developer David Irmer (president of Innisfree Co.), who plans to turn it into a strip mall.   Apparently, the City Council has already quietly agreed to sell the property to him. The City bought the property for $6M in April 2009 and then immediately turned it over to Irmer to develop.  Three years later, it is selling it to Irmer for about $2.5M*, 60% less than it paid for it and a [Continue Reading]

Jan 062012
Is Wal-Mart coming to Downtown San Leandro?

Despite community opposition, the San Leandro City Council is set to approve the development of the old-Albertson’s property downtown into yet another strip mall, euphemistically dubbed “Village Marketplace“.  The anchor of the mall, occupying slightly less than half the total space, is supposed to be a branch of the “Fresh & Easy” grocery stores – but it’s just as likely that it will actually be a Wal-Mart, San Leandro’s third. Fresh & Easy is a chain of small grocery stores, mostly located in California.  It was started in 2007 by British supermarket giant Tesco as a daring attempt to break [Continue Reading]

Nov 022011
Sexism vs. Racism at SLPD: the documents

Read the legal documents on the allegations of racial and sexual harassment and the SLPD. (This post has been revised and re-revised since its original publication). In early 2008, a number of female police officers at the San Leandro Police Department made internal complaints regarding sexual harassment by then sergeant DeWayne Stancill.  The city responded by promptly hiring an outside investigator to look into the complaints.  The report concluded that the complaints were unfounded, but that Stancill’s behavior had at times been inappropriate.  A second investigation prompted by reports of sexual harassment and retaliation made by Officer Debra Trujillo against [Continue Reading]

Sep 102011
STAR testing in San Leandro - Let's dump it

A week or so ago I got my daughter’s STAR test results; she’s currently a fourth grader at Roosevelt Elementary. Her scores were fine, but significantly lower than they had been the previous year, when she had attended McKinley Elementary. I was glad. Even a quick look at my daughter’s scores was enough to tell me that something is significantly flawed with the design of this test. My daughter is a great reader, she devours books. She’s also a pretty good writer, her stories have a real voice, are funny and well constructed. Her real trouble at school is in [Continue Reading]

Aug 272011
RCV in San Leandro: A Primer to the Nov. 2010 Mayoral Election

Tony Santos is at it again.  Since being defeated by Stephen Cassidy in the November 2010 San Leandro mayoral election, Santos has made no secret of his bitterness and resentment.  He has blamed anyone and everyone (excluding himself) for his defeat and has committed his forced retirement to the cause of defeating “ranked choice voting” throughout the country.  He’s written letters, had himself interviewed, and in his latest stunt, he testified in Sacramento against making it easier for California cities to institute ranked choice voting.  He is sure, he will tell you, that ranked choice voting was the ultimate culprit [Continue Reading]