SL Documents


The following are useful documents related to the city of San Leandro



City Codes

  • San Leandro Municipal Code
  • Administrative Code
  • Zoning Code
  • City Planning

  • General Plan
  • San Leandro Redevelopment Plans
  • Housing Element
  • Community Compliance
  • ADA Reasonable Accommodation Policy and Grievance Policy
  • 2010 Drafted Update of ADA Transition Plan
  • City Council

  • Councilmembers Handbook
  • Audio of City Council Meetings
  • 2011 Agendas
  • Minutes

    Financial Documents

    Budget Documents

    Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR)

    Other Reports


  • Management Staff
  • Red Light Cameras – 2011 on

    Crime Stats

  • Year-to-Date and Prior Year San Leandro Part I Crime Totals by Crime Classification
  • Year to Date and Prior Year Part I Crime Totals by Type of Crime
  • Monthly Part I Crime Totals (1980-present)
  • Monthly Part I Crime Data (5-year comparison)
  • Monthly Average Part I Crime Totals (1980-present)
  • Year-to-Date SLPD Calls for Service and Arrests (3-year comparison)
  • Crime Reports by Neighborhood
    (Once on the site, click the “Crime Types” button and “Show All” then “Done” to get complete results. You can also visit
  • Crime Reports by City Council District

    Other Documents

  • Mission Statement
  • Diversity Resource Directory
  • Org Charts

  • Police Department Org Chart


  • Addresses (36″ X 36″)
    Addresses with parcels and street names
  • Alquist-Priolo Zone
    Zone established to prevent construction of buildings used for human occupancy on surface traces of active faults; studies may be required in this zone prior to construction
  • Bicycle Brochure
    Bicycle trails, lanes and routes
  • City Council Districts
  • City Owned Properties 2009 (36″ X 50″)
    Map with detailed listing of city owned parcels
  • Community Facilities (GP)
    Schools and school districts, libraries, and police and fire stations
  • Creeks, Drainage Ways and Watersheds (GP)
  • Earthquake Hazards (GP)
    Probable groundshaking and liquefaction risk
  • Homeowners Neighborhood Association
    Homeowners neighborhood association boundaries
  • Land Use (GP)
    Policy and regulatory tool for guiding land use decisions showing Residential, Commercial and Industrial and Public/Open Space categories
  • Neighborhood Vicinity
    Generalized neighborhood boundaries
  • Park System (GP)
    City and regional parks, golf courses, conservation areas and recreational facilities
  • Redevelopment Areas
    Designated areas where projects are undertaken to encourage economic growth
  • Roadway Plan (GP)
  • Sanitary Sewer Districts (36″ X 36″)
    City of San Leandro and Oro Loma sanitary sewer district boundaries within the city
  • Street Map (36″ X 36″)
    Street map showing freeways, major streets, private streets, etc.
  • Tree Trimming Schedule (36″ X 36″)T
  • Truck Routes and Railroads (GP)
  • Unincorporated Planning Area (GP)
  • Voting Precincts (36″ X 36″)
  • Zip Codes
  • Zoning (36″ x 36″)
    Parcel-specific land use designations with precise development standards corresponding to land use categories
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