San Leandro Deals

Mar 022012
Wanna have fun? Tell me how and win 2 tickets to "Salmon Fishing in Yemen"

Share your best ideas for entertainment venues in San Leandro. There is no doubt that San Leandro leaves much to be desired when it comes to entertainment.  We have a multiplex showing new releases, the quaint Bal Theater showing old movies and hosting special events, plays at the Conservatory Theater and comedy nights at The Englander.  And that’s pretty much it, unless you count high school sports & shows and the occasional political fundraiser.  No wonder San Leandro cops spend so much time busting people for selling dope – there isn’t much for young people to do in town other [Continue Reading]

Feb 212012
City Council Moves to Ban Entertainment in Most of San Leandro

It’s an Acknowledgement that they Violated Faith Fellowship’s Constitutional Rights but… is it good Public Policy? Unfortunately it seems that most of my analysis below was right.  Read this short update about the Tuesday night City Council meeting. Do you want to open a wrestling venue in the industrial area of San Leandro?  How about a comedy club, a lecture hall, a dance school offering recitals, a skating ring, something new and fun and family friendly? Right now, all you have to do is get a conditional use permit and you’re free to go.   But if you want to open [Continue Reading]

Sep 012011
Liquidator comes to San Leandro - for 3 weeks

  Bargains, bargains, bargains I love a good bargain as much as anyone, and I count Thriftown, the flea market and Grocery Outlet as part of my perennial haunts.  However, I just discovered that there are places where you can get even better bargains: liquidators.  I actually came across this particular liquidator last year, they were selling children’s pajama sets for $2 (really! and I think they still are!) and a friend made a collection to buy a lot and donate them to a local charity.  I decided to check out the place and was able to find some amazing, [Continue Reading]