Mar 022012

Share your best ideas for entertainment venues in San Leandro.

There is no doubt that San Leandro leaves much to be desired when it comes to entertainment.  We have a multiplex showing new releases, the quaint Bal Theater showing old movies and hosting special events, plays at the Conservatory Theater and comedy nights at The Englander.  And that’s pretty much it, unless you count high school sports & shows and the occasional political fundraiser.  No wonder San Leandro cops spend so much time busting people for selling dope – there isn’t much for young people to do in town other than get high.  The San Leandro City Council wants to keep it that way.

Their latest proposal is to ban all entertainment and recreational uses  (except for “adult oriented businesses”) from the industrial area of town.  Such uses are already banned from residential areas, and this new ban will effectively mean that entertainment venues in town will be greatly limited.  Our boring town will remain just as boring.

That the City Council cannot think outside the box is, I think, a well established fact.  But let’s show that we can do better.  Can you come up with a great idea for entertainment or recreational uses for facilities in the industrial area?  Let’s try to be creative and look at the future.  Mini-golf parks and climbing walls are so 20th century, what should 21st century entertainment look like?

Those who come up with the BEST ideas will win 2-tickets to the opening of  “Salmon Fishing in Yemen on Tuesday March 6th at 7:30 PM at the Sundance Kabuki theater in San Francisco, courtesy of the movie’s marketers.   This movie stars Ewan McGregor as a fisheries expert hired to help realize a sheik’s vision of bringing the sport of fly-fishing to the desertThat’s the type of outside the box thinking I want to see from you, my readers!  Watch a movie trailer and get more info below.

Please leave your ideas as a comment to this post, on SLT’s FB page or tweet them to @SanLeandroTalk.

Good luck and get creative!

The winners will be announced on Sunday.