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Sep 112013

timendi causa est nescire : ignorance causes fear Food Trucks Coming to San Leandro Gourmet food trucks are coming to San Leandro starting Tues. 9/17, from 5-9 pm. Six to ten food trucks will be at the parking lot at 1550 East 14th Street (the site of the former Lucky/Alberston’s store). The program, called San Leandro Street Eats and in partnership with the company Food Truck Mafia, will continue each Tuesday evening at the same time through the fall. We Are Being Watched A great investigation by the East Bay Express how mass surveillance is creeping into the Bay Area.  [Continue Reading]

Jul 112013

Here are some of the most interesting news from the people I follow on Twitter. – Fremont offers pay-to-stay jail for wealthy criminals. – as reported by the Fremont Police Department, not The Onion as you might expect. Are you a successful criminal? If so, surely you don’t want to mix with those who couldn’t burglarize a home without getting caught.  The Fremont PD is here to rescue you. Now, you can pay them $155 a day and stay at their much nicer facilities. Yep, it’s finally happen. Now they get to arrest us and pay them for the privilege.  [Continue Reading]

Jul 092013

Good morning, San Leandro! Here are your morning news, as derived from my tweeter feed 🙂 – 30,000 prisoners are in hunger strike in California. Complaints center on state policies that allow prison officials to keep prisoners in isolation indefinitely by merely accusing them of having gang ties. When forced to actually look into the cases, prison authorities have had to acknowledge that at least half of them had no ties at all. Solitary confinement is considered a cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment – though after watching a couple of documentaries on isolation (netflix has them), the more appropriate term [Continue Reading]