Aug 062017
Progressives Should vote NO on the SLUSD Parcel Tax

There is no doubt about it, our schools need money.  Teachers deserve better salaries, we should update our school supplies and classrooms need to be brought into the 21st century.  As the mother of two students in San Leandro public schools, I’m well aware of what good more money could do.  The question, however, is who should pay for it.  The San Leandro School District has decided that the burden should fall on the poor.  I disagree. The parcel tax on the ballot is not only an extension of the current parcel tax, but a doubling of it.  It’s a [Continue Reading]

Dec 222015
Photos of San Leandro Undercover Police Officers

These are three of the four undercover officers which a parent recognized at the last San Leandro School Board meetings. Parents and children rallied against a program that will put police officers in the classroom to try to gain the trust of students so that they will snitch on one another. There were about forty parents and children protesting and speaking out against this program, and at least nine San Leandro Police officers, both in uniform and out, assigned to monitor them. As the undercover police officers were not recognized until after the rally, it’s possible that some of them [Continue Reading]

Dec 042015
Sad Lessons on Racism, Surveillance and Police Intimidation at School Board Committee Meeting.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a lesson on how the school-to-prison pipeline works, explained by the two School Resource Officers (SROs) that are assigned to San Leandro schools.  Just this week,  I had another big lesson on how institutionalized racism and even sexism by School Board members combine with the surveillance state not only to make sure the school to prison pipeline runs as smoothly as possible, but to disempower anyone that would question it. Sounds boring so far? Bear with me, we’ll get to the drama quickly enough. Last Tuesday night the San Leandro School Board curriculum [Continue Reading]

Dec 032015
This is how the School to Prison Pipeline starts in San Leandro: with Middle School Teachers

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a meeting of parents of English learners at my daughter’s middle school, here in San Leandro. I don’t usually go to ELAC meetings, but that night my daughter’s choir was going to be performing at the meeting. Before the performance, we chanced upon a presentation on online bullying by the two School Resource Officers (SROs), uniformed sworn SLPD officers which work in San Leandro public schools.  In addition to giving general information about bullying, the SROs laid out how they work at the middle schools.  I spoke to them later to get more [Continue Reading]

Nov 132015
San Leandro Schools Secondary School Reform Needs More Imput

This letter is written by former Mayor Stephen Cassidy. If you have children at SLUSD schools or are a student there, I urge you to read it. Summary – The school board is considering implementing major changes to the program for students at our middle schools and high schools starting next school year. While this undertaking is well intentioned and likely will result in positive reforms for our students, the school board has not sufficiently brought parents into the planning process and the changes are too significant for the district to implement well by August 2016.  Parents need to know [Continue Reading]