Short Notes

Feb 022015

✚ Please sign the petition asking the American Red Cross and the International Committee of the Red Cross to protect the use of their emblem as a symbol, and not allow its use on police vehicles used to intimidate and assault citizens. Petition at:

Aug 042014

A couple of weeks ago I pulled papers to run for San Leandro School Board (see below).  After much consideration, I’ve decided that I will not be running for the office. I have several reasons, but they all come down to the fact that I don’t really want to do it.    A friend of mine, campaign manager Charles Gilcrest, told me once that if you had to chose between two equally good candidates, you should go for the one that has the fire in her belly.  I don’t feel fired up when I think about serving in the School [Continue Reading]

Jul 312014
Annie Campbell Impresses as Oakland Council Candidate

Oaklanders, this one is for you! Last night I met with Annie Campbell Washington, who is running for City Council District 4 in Oakland. I came back very impressed. She’s smart, competent, a good listener, friendly and with a good sense of humor. She seems like a very candid and human person, someone without airs or that sense of either superiority or inferiority that can be so harmful for working as a group. She seems to me like someone who will listen to her constituents, who considers all voices legitimate and would be able to weigh different interests and still [Continue Reading]

Jul 182014
Barbara Lee, Please Speak For Me!

Barbara, what’s going on? I see lots of photos and nostalgia on your Facebook page, and not a word about the senseless Israel attacks on Gaza, the over 200 Palestinians who have been killed – so many of them children and elderly people -, the 100,000 who have been left homeless. And I see nothing about the Central American children coming to this country after we destroyed their economies and destabilized their governments.  They are escaping poverty and violence. And nothing about the recent revelations that the NSA & FBI are reading through the actual e-mails of Americans not suspected [Continue Reading]