Short Notes

Jul 162014
Democrats Running for Local Office in Alameda County: Talk to Me!

  Are you a Democrat? Are you running for an office in a city/region of Alameda County? If so, I’d love to meet with you. As a member of the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee I get to vote on the Democratic party’s endorsement of any candidate for local office that seeks it. I take that responsibility extremely seriously – that’s what voters elected me to do -, and I will talk and meet with any and all candidates who want to. I will also write a guide with my recommendations. To be clear, I’m a liberal Democrat. I’m also [Continue Reading]

Jul 142014
Ken Pon Runs for San Leandro City Council

Ken Pon has pulled papers to run for City Council, District 1.  He’ll be facing Mike Katz-Lacabe, David Anderson and – supposedly – Deborah Cox.  Pon, an accountant married to a teacher, used to be in the School Board but was easily defeated back in 2004 by now-Mayor Stephen Cassidy.   Pon was a strong advocate of Chris Lim, the terrible superintendent whose antics harmed SLUSD for years. It’s likely that Pon’s main reason for running is to cause trouble – he’s a bigger pot stirrer than I am -, and I think he will add some wry humor to that race.  [Continue Reading]

Jun 012014
Mike Honda Supporters Resort to Race-Baiting

Supporters of incumbent Congress member Mike Honda have reached a new low.  They’ve sent out a xenophobic mailer falsely accusing Indian-American candidate Ro Khanna of wanting to “outsource our jobs”.  The mailer  plays on old fears of Indians stealing American jobs and is meant to both exploit any lingering racism among white voters against Indian-Americans. It is profoundly sad that this is being done to support Mike Honda, a man who has fought against racial discrimination his whole life. It is also sad that Honda’s campaign will not distance Mike Honda from this mailer by denouncing it . I don’t [Continue Reading]

May 312014
New San Leandro Kaiser Hospital Shuns Public Transportation

The new Kaiser Hospital in San Leandro will be opening this upcoming Tuesday, but patients that don’t drive may continue going elsewhere.  That’s because the new Kaiser Hospital is pretty much inaccessible using public transportation. Only one bus line stops anywhere near the new Kaiser, and the stop is two blocks away.  The stop is unshaded and there isn’t even a bench on which passengers can seat and wait.  This is problematic for people who have mobility issues, but are not on wheelchairs.  This bus, moreover, only stops once an hour, only runs on weekdays and stops running shortly after [Continue Reading]