Jul 162014


Democrat DonkeyAre you a Democrat? Are you running for an office in a city/region of Alameda County? If so, I’d love to meet with you.

As a member of the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee I get to vote on the Democratic party’s endorsement of any candidate for local office that seeks it. I take that responsibility extremely seriously – that’s what voters elected me to do -, and I will talk and meet with any and all candidates who want to. I will also write a guide with my recommendations.

To be clear, I’m a liberal Democrat. I’m also someone who values transparency, accountability and good government. What I look for in candidates are people who are smart, analytical, research and data-oriented, who are committed to the democratic process and who care about other human beings.

Candidates can e-mail me at margalacabe@gmail.com

Please share this offer with any candidates for local office in Alameda County that you know.

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