Jan 052017
The Alameda County Democratic Central Committee Starts A New Term with Few Changes

ACDCC Passes Strong Resolution Urging No Collaboration between Local Law Enforcement and Trump Administration Last night, the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee (ACDCC) swore in (ceremoniously, as it turned out) its new membership.  It wasn’t very different than its old one.  Six of our 33 elected members are new, but three of them had previously been alternate members.  In Assembly District 18, where we actually elected three new members, the three defeated incumbents will now be alternates.  The Committee’s Chair remains the same, as do the two secretaries.  The Vice Chair is now the Treasurer and the Treasurer has now [Continue Reading]

Dec 302016
Grassroots Democrats Seek to Transform the Democratic Party: Help Them!

Vote for Delegates to the California Democratic Convention at January 7th Election Caucuses. Every two years, the California Democratic Party holds caucuses to elect delegates to the State Convention.  Elected delegates get to vote on the Party’s platform and leadership, as well as on which candidates for state and national office should get the Democratic Party’s endorsement.  Given that California is a heavily Democratic state, the Party’s endorsement can often propel a candidate into a win. Generally, the only people who run for these positions are party insiders and supporters of politicians that sponsor a given slate.  The traumatic failure [Continue Reading]

Nov 062016
Developers Skirt Contribution Limits and Funnel Tens of Thousands of Dollars into Fremont Mayor Race

Incumbent Fremont Mayor Bill Harrison is a darling of housing developers.  He has never seen a development worth questioning, much less voting against.  And developers are repaying his generosity with their own, not only directing tens of thousands of dollars directly into his campaign but contributing tens of thousands more to a local Democratic Party organ, money used to produce and send mailers asking Democratic voters to vote for Harrison. According to campaign finance disclosure forms filed with the California Department of State, the Ohlone Area United Democratic Campaign (OAUDC)  has received $60,000 from housing developers in the last two [Continue Reading]

Sep 182016
Alameda Democratic Leader Disses smart-growth Democrat, Endorses pro-development Republican Mayoral Candidate?

Update: Ramirez Holmes has contacted me to say that she had not endorsed Jerry Thorne.   That would mean that Jerry Thorne lied by listing her as an endorser. Angela Ramirez Holmes, the Vice Chair for AD 16 of the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee and a member of the Executive Committee, is listed as an endorser *of incumbent Pleasanton Mayoral candidate Jerry Thorne, a Republican.  Ramirez Holmes, who also serves in the Zone 7 Water District Board, owns Alliance Campaign Strategies, a campaign consultancy business, which represents developers and developer-backed candidates. At the Democratic Party’s endorsement interviews which took place [Continue Reading]

Sep 172016

Today, the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee met to decide on the Democratic endorsement on about 20 contested races.  Almost 70 candidates had been previously put on consent for the endorsement and were also officially endorsed today. The results of today endorsement interviews are as follows: BERKELEY MAYOR  Jesse Arreguin, BERKELEY COUNCILMEMBER DIST. 5  No Endorsemenbt BERKELEY COUNCILMEMBER DIST. 6  Hon. Susan Wengraf FREMONT COUNCILMEMBER (elect 2)  No endorsement** (Raj Salwan already endorsed) OAKLAND COUNCILMEMBER AT-LARGE  Hon. Rebecca Kaplan OAKLAND COUNCILMEMBER DIST. 3  Hon. Lynette V. Gibson-McElhaney OAKLAND COUNCILMEMBER DIST. 5  Hon. Noel Gallo PLEASANTON MAYOR  No Endorsement PERALTA CCD [Continue Reading]