Sep 112013

timendi causa est nescire : ignorance causes fear

Food Trucks Coming to San Leandro

Gourmet food trucks are coming to San Leandro starting Tues. 9/17, from 5-9 pm. Six to ten food trucks will be at the parking lot at 1550 East 14th Street (the site of the former Lucky/Alberston’s store). The program, called San Leandro Street Eats and in partnership with the company Food Truck Mafia, will continue each Tuesday evening at the same time through the fall.

We Are Being Watched

A great investigation by the East Bay Express how mass surveillance is creeping into the Bay Area.  We /are/ being watched and our Government officials are happy to support it.

Oakland’s City Wide Surveillance Network Being Built By Contractor With A History Of Fraud And Little Regard For Civil Liberties

Data from San Leandro cameras is likely to be shared with the DAC, so this should concern you as well.

Interview with Tim Holmes

Zocalo Coffeehouse is closing after 11 years. Listen to this brief interview with owner Tim Holmes about why he started Zocalo and what it’s future is.

Buchanan—Bonta Bill To Keep San Leandro Hospital Open Moves To Governor

Home Depot Accused of Shaking Down Shoplifters

The Home Depot in San Leandro seems to be running a racket of falsely accusing people of shoplifting and then demanding they pay money to keep it quiet.  Horrible business practices.

Congressman Eric Swalwell is speaking out Against War with Syria

After days of equivocating, hearing constituents tell him to vote “No” on the war and a vigil at his Pleasanton office, Swalwell is willing to look for alternatives to military action. He released this statement in Facebook:

I support President Obama’s decision to pursue a diplomatic solution to rid the Assad regime of chemical weapons and postpone military action in Syria. This approach, if successful, helps ensure that never again will this ruthless dictator gas innocent civilians, including children, to death.I strongly believe that the response to Assad’s chemical attacks on his own people is not limited to a false choice between military action and inaction. Rather, we must relentlessly engage the international community and exhaust all possible diplomatic solutions.

I will continue to monitor the situation in Syria as it progresses.

Obama extends terrorism ‘national emergency’

So he can continue violating our civil liberties

President Obama Nominates Congresswoman Barbara Lee to be Representative to United Nations

No, it’s not to get rid of her. She continues representing us in Congress.  It’s because everyone else in the Obama administration has lost all credibility with the international community.

California Public Records Act amendment going to June ballot

It’s essential than this passes.  Without the CPRA, our local governments can be even more corrupt.

If anyone doubted Tuman was a serious candidate, they don’t anymore.

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