Neiman Marcus

Nov 052011

Mary Hayashi accused of shoplifting $2K worth of clothing at Neiman Marcus, but would it have been better if she’d bought it?

Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi

The Bay Area political world was in full giggle mode last week, as the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Mary Hayashi, who represents San Leandro at the California Assembly had been arrested for shoplifting.  Hayashi is a pretty controversial figure in Bay Area political circles, a powerful campaigner and even more successful fundraiser, she’s known both for talking the talk of her labor and Democratic supporters and walking the walk of her big donors.  She does dress well, though, and she is probably one of very few politicians who, at 45 years of age, can get away with wearing $1250 designer black leather leggings.

The question of whether Mary Hayashi actually meant to shoplift those leggings (plus a skirt and a blouse) is for the court to decide.  What I am posing here is a more significant moral question.  Is it a worse deed to shoplift $2445 worth of clothing from Neiman Marcus or to buy $2445 worth of clothing at Neiman Marcus? I mean, really, in this economy, when many people are doing their clothing shopping at the thrift store, can a Democratic politician really justify spending that much money on three items of clothing?  That’s enough to pay some people’s mortgages for at least a couple of months!

So, my dear readers, what do you think?

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