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Mary Hayashi accused of shoplifting $2K worth of clothing at Neiman Marcus, but would it have been better if she’d bought it?

Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi

The Bay Area political world was in full giggle mode last week, as the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Mary Hayashi, who represents San Leandro at the California Assembly had been arrested for shoplifting.  Hayashi is a pretty controversial figure in Bay Area political circles, a powerful campaigner and even more successful fundraiser, she’s known both for talking the talk of her labor and Democratic supporters and walking the walk of her big donors.  She does dress well, though, and she is probably one of very few politicians who, at 45 years of age, can get away with wearing $1250 designer black leather leggings.

The question of whether Mary Hayashi actually meant to shoplift those leggings (plus a skirt and a blouse) is for the court to decide.  What I am posing here is a more significant moral question.  Is it a worse deed to shoplift $2445 worth of clothing from Neiman Marcus or to buy $2445 worth of clothing at Neiman Marcus? I mean, really, in this economy, when many people are doing their clothing shopping at the thrift store, can a Democratic politician really justify spending that much money on three items of clothing?  That’s enough to pay some people’s mortgages for at least a couple of months!

So, my dear readers, what do you think?

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  8 Responses to “To steal or not to steal, that is the question.”

  1. I’m 51 and I’d wear leather leggings . . . if I had the figure.

  2. Of course you would dear. Just the leggings let the rest be au naturel. I am sure that everyone would complement you on your choice of fashion.

  3. Marga, you left out the issue of the facts that Mary has been bought and paid for by the health care lobby as well as long time Democratic functionaries. She is the walking embodiment of the up and coming politico.
    Her path to the top is clear and paved with a lot of IOU’s to major cash cows. In districts that are 65%+ or greater Democratic control what is to lose.

    Then she gets to practice theft as only well entrenched and entitled politicians can. Shielded by her husband and ethnic stereotypes, the merger of Japan and Korea plays positively in most homes in the Democratic East Bay.

    No one is likely doing it now, but you can bet that this is not the first theft by Mary. She gets off on it. That is why she did it. And that is why she will get off. Notice how the temperature has been reduced as the major benefactors have kicked in to make the zeal to prosecute her as a felon go away.

    • I had started a more comprehensive post about Mary’s tenure, but then I realized it was taking too long and I wanted something more light hearted. I think there is a reason why nobody seems to be shedding a tear for Mary, though.

  4. Marga, the problem is that silence plays in to Mary and Dennis’ hand. Our memories are short. She will luck out and win on this I suspect.

    • I think her political career is over. I can’t imagine the prosecutor backing down at this point, but even if he does, once the video hits youTube she’ll be putty in the hands of any political opponent.

      I feel terrible for Dennis, however, who is a great guy and I’m sure knew nothing about this.

  5. Mary has been stealing things for a long time, based on my thirty three years in retail. She started stealing when she was a girl, out of a sense of entitlement. That her actions have not been public knowledge and her record has been erased or bought off due to personal investment or influence is hardly a surprise. But Dennis knows. You can bet he is working hard to keep from being married to a felon. I am sure that the charges will either be reduced to a violaton with liberal limited terms of hours of public service or some technicality or donation to Neiman Marcus’s favorite charity will prevent the case continuing. Mary has a lot of friends of influence and money. Money and power always wins.

    • Tom, are you saying that all adult shoplifters have a history of starting doing it as teenagers? Or do you know something in particular about Mary?

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