Aug 202013

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Tell me how I’m wrong.

Really, this is your chance.

In a Facebook thread, Councilmember Diana Souza accused me of making assumptions and “twisting things”. I’ve been very critical of Souza’s 7 years in the Council, so it’s not surprising that she feels that way. But is she right? I demand accountability from my elected officials,  surely my readers have the same right to demand it from me.

I do make assumptions. I have to. When the City – or its officials – fail to be transparent, the only way to fill in the gaps is to guess what they are hiding.   And I also make a lot of predictions – what will happen if the City stays in this cause of action. I, of course, remember the ones I get right (the demise of Fresh & Easy and now the Patch, the Supreme Court rejecting the city’s RLUIPA’s claims – though the lawyer for the City took a different approach than I predicted), but surely I’ve gotten some wrong too.

So let’s hold me accountable. What have I gotten wrong, and what have I “twisted”, to use Souza’s words?

Please, be specific enough that I can understand and answer your claim, if need be.

Everything I’ve said is on the record.   Here are all my regular blog posts, short notesDemocratic politics postings and everything I’ve written on the Patch.   I don’t relish the idea of searching through my Facebook wall or twitter feed, but feel free to look through those to.  There is a lot of writing.

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  One Response to “Tell me I’m wrong!!!”

  1. If you are, as I suspect, human, then yes, you have at times been wrong. However, if you are some kind of omnipotent Supreme Being, then no, you have never been wrong and never will be.

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