Apr 062012
A Weekend of Books & Eggs.

A library sale and an Easter egg hunt promise fun for young and old. Saturday April 7th, is the much awaited spring Library Sale – your chance to fill up your bookcases with all those guilty pleasure reads, while feeling good you are funding the library’s children programs.  It starts at 9 AM for “Friends of the Library” members (you can become a member on the spot, it’s $10 for individuals and $15 for families) and at 11 AM for non-members. Note: the professional book resellers get there first and they race with their scanners to get the best books [Continue Reading]

Nov 152011
Halloween in San Leandro: "You are Going to Hell!"

San Leandro has some wonderful holiday traditions.  Some, like the Christmas tree lighting downtown, were sponsored by the city and have pretty much disappeared in this age of budget cuts.  Others, sponsored by private businesses, are alive and well.  My favorite is Safe Streets Safe Tricks Halloween, organized by the merchants on the Bancroft/Dutton area.  For two hours on Halloween afternoon, kids can go trick or treating to most of the businesses there (Safeway, as you would expect from a big, greedy corporation, does not participate).  Every merchant gives the kids candy, but Dutton Ace Hardware goes the “extra mile”: [Continue Reading]

Sep 262011
How do you spell "lobster"?  Dig into one and help a 3rd grader find out.

The San Leandro Rotary Club has been a long time supporter of our local high school students granting college scholarships and scholarships to RYLA Leadership Camp.  The “Lobsters for Literacy” Lobster Feed sustains these scholarships as well as funds the now 6th annual distribution of dictionaries to all 3rd grade students in the San Leandro School District. This year, the Lobsters for Literacy event will be held on Friday, October 7, 2011 at the Boys & Girls Club (401 Marina Blvd).  Tickets are running out!  So we ask that anyone in San Leandro and the surrounding area who is interested [Continue Reading]

May 292011
San Leandro gets a taste of Black History

The Black History 101 Mobile Museum is coming to San Leandro on June 4th for a 1-day-only Taste of Freedom event at the Linen Life Gallery.  The Museum travels around the country and features exhibits that highlight the historical experience of African-Americans, from the slave era to hip-hop culture.  This particular event will be commemorating Malcom X, and will feature a lecture by Professor Griff, a rapper with the group Public Enemy. Tickets for the event start at $30, and include an all-you-can-eat taster, access to the exhibit, lecture and entertainment.  You can buy them online or at the venue. [Continue Reading]

May 052011
Have a Beef with the School Board? Cut Mike's Tail!

Congratulations and Thank You to Rob Rich for winning this auction! Roosevelt Elementary is several hundreds of dollars richer, and after Sue of Level 5 Salon did her magic, Mike looks younger and thinner than ever. Thank you Sue! Come on, admit it! You aren’t entirely happy with how the San Leandro School Board is doing.  In particular Mike Katz-Lacabe (aka “my husband’)  should be doing a much better job!  Maybe you are a teacher and angry at him because he stuffed your classroom with kids, maybe you teach PE and resent that the Board cut your hours next year, [Continue Reading]