Jennifer Hosterman, Candidate for BART Board, District 5


JenniferHostermaJennifer Hosterman submitted this statement in lieu of the questionnaire.

I have for years been concerned about how BART is governed, run, funded, and priorities for future expansion. Because BART is now 44 years old, the system must be updated. Thereafter, track must be expanded to accommodate as many riders as possible.

BART moves approximately 126 million people across the bay annually, largely for work, but also recreation, which makes it the backbone of our economy. Because of the importance of mass transit, there must be guidelines/regulations in place to accommodate the right to protest, without bringing our economy to a halt.

The current Director of District 5 ran on the issue of safety. Over the last 8 years, I question whether safety for our ridership has measurably improved.

In my service as Mayor of Pleasanton for 8 years, following 2 years as Councilmember, I have served on many boards and committees related to transportation, jobs, housing, air quality, water availability/quality, and more. I have demonstrated my ability to listen to the public, and conduct the business of local government, transparently. I have the experience of balancing a city budget, even in times when revenues decreased by almost 20%, by streamlining services, and making cost effective reductions in spending. I have experience working with unions to address pension reform.

I believe I can make a significant contribution to the future of BART as Director of District 5.

Note, this is the questionnaire I sent to Ms. Hosterman and other candidates for the BART Board:


1 – What is your opinion of the current BART administration and what changes do you propose to make from the Board?

2 – The 2013 strike by BART union employees greatly disrupted life in the Bay Area and affected the economy of the region.  What do you think the BART Board should have done differently and what actions do you believe the Board should take to prevent similar strikes in the future?

3 – BART police has a history of brutality, especially against people of color.  How will tackle this issue?  Do you believe BART police should carry firearms?

4 – BART utilizes a whole array of surveillance technology.  What do you think the proper role of the Board should be in regulating the acquisition and use of such technology and what specific policies do you want to see in place?

5 – How do you think BART should handle protests in the BART system?

6 – What will you do to make BART more affordable to low income people and families travelling together?

7 – What action has the BART Board taken in the last 2 years that you disagreed with?

8 – Can you describe an instance in which you have shown moral courage, preferably while serving in an official or similar capacity?

9 – Have you received financial support from any entity that does business with BART, including unions? Do you or your campaign have a financial relationship with any member of the ACDCC? Are you running as a Berniecrat?