The City of Dublin, California, is having contested races for Mayor, City Council and School Board.  I’ve sent out questionnaires to candidates for office in most of these races, which I’ll publish here as I receive them (names in bold link to returned questionnaires).  I have not bothered with the race for Mayor, however, as the incumbent is being challenged by a perennial candidate.

In the City Council race, three candidates, including two Democrats, are vying for 2 seats. The appointed incumbent is a Republican.  In the School Board race, five candidates are running for 3 at-large seats, while two candidates are running for a short term appointment.

City Council (vote for 2)

Arun Goel

Doreen Wehrenberg, appointed incumbent
Mona Lisa Ballesteros
Melissa Hernandez Strah

School Board (vote for 3)

Gabrielle Blackman
Dan Cunningham
Joe Gianninni
Amy Miller
Xiaozhao Zhuang

School Board, Short Term (vote for 1)

Sameer Hakim, appointed incumbent
Dan Cherrier

Dublin Mayor

David Haubert, is the incumbent (and a Republican)
Shawn Costello has run for mayor and city council for the past 28 years