I am committed to Community, Accessibility and Transparency.  My goals include building community amongst park users to support a sense of ownership, inclusion, and appreciation of our parks, as well as save money to enhance conservation. I have the good fortune to enjoy being a hiker, mountain biker, equestrian, and dog trainer.  I also have a deep appreciation of the value our parks provide our diverse community’s needs, particularly our youth.

The EBRPD levies parcel taxes on residents yet shared usage policies are not set and observed in a uniform manner.  I support a culture of trail etiquette and inclusion.  As our taxes are used to acquire and conserve more land, the types of sustainable recreational activities should also be expanded.  As a trail volunteer, I contribute to opening sustainable trails for multiple use which can help connect other trail networks.

I work for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) as an examiner ensuring large banks do not take undue risks with our deposits.  I will use my education, experience, and training to help ensure EBRPD finances are used intelligently to empower the community, increase accessibility, and improve transparency.