Kent Fickett, Candidate for East Bay Regional Park District Board of Directors, Ward 2


kentfickettKent Fickett is a local environmentalist and entrepreneur.  Find out more about him at Ward 2 includes most of Oakland, Piedmont, Canyon, Moraga, Orinda, Orinda Village, Rheem Valley, Lafayette, Rossmoor, and part of Walnut Creek


1 – What is your opinion of the current East Bay Parks administration and what changes do you propose to make from the Board?

In general I have a favorable opinion of the Parks administration. There are certain actions (like getting electric car charging stations installed at major parking areas) that I would like to have pushed, but for personnel matters I would wait to work with the General Manager and other Board members (get there input) before I suggest privately or publicly to make any changes.

2 – What’s your opinion about the militarization of the East Bay Parks police and what do you think the Board should do about it?

I have not seen any evidence of militarization other than the use of technology they have determined is needed to protect park users (guns and normal police vehicles for all terrain conditions). Could you please let me know what you believe has been added to their arsenal that constitutes militarization? I am for major gun control in society (like Australia did). That is the best way to “demilitarize” our police forces.

3 – How do you think East Bay Parks police should handle protests?

In a fashion that protects the safety of any park users and the natural resources of the parks.

4 – The East Bay Regional Parks District utilizes a whole array of surveillance technology. What do you think the proper role of the Board should be in regulating the acquisition and use of such technology and what specific policies do you want to see in place to safeguard the privacy of visitors?

We should try and make sure the people that use the technology have a strict code of conduct that reinforces its purpose – to protect the SAFETY of park users and the NATURAL RESOURCES of the PARKS. Voyeurs should be fired.

5 – What action has the Board taken in the last 4 years that you disagreed with?

I would have tried to shut the gun club down sooner.

6 – Can you describe an instance in which you have shown moral courage, either as a board member or in a professional situation?

No, not really. I have both privately and publically taken stands on protecting the environment – but those have been personal convictions and not moral courage.

7- Have you received financial support from anyone that had business with East Bay Parks, including unions? Do you or your campaign have a financial relationship with any member of the ACDCC?

I am not taking any donations from anyone. I believe to do so, particularly large special interests like the Union, conflicts a candidate (i.e. they should not be allowed to vote on any labor agreements etc.).

8 – Are you running as a Berniecrat?