Christian Patz, Candidate for Emeryville City Council


pratzChristian Pratz is a school administrator and School Board member. Find more information about him at

1 ­ What do you think should be your City’s response to the lack of housing stock? Do you support having a moratorium of any kind on rent increases, stronger rent control measures, restrictions on sales to foreign nationals? Please elaborate.

The challenge of housing in Emeryville can not be addressed through a single method. We need to require developers to produce affordable housing every time they develop a property. The city needs to acquire land and create a trust to increase the amount of affordable housing. Renter protections need to be put in place and a resolution sent to the state to repeal Costa­Hawkins. I struggle with rules that limit groups of individuals rights. I understand the concern, but I worry such provision will be used to discriminate.

2 ­ What will you do to help the homeless population in your City?

People without housing need to be address on a regional level. Emeryville currently has the Emeryville Citizens Assistance Program (ECAP) which is near my home. I am saddened to see the long lines everyday. Thankfully, most of the people using ECAP have some form of housing, but too many do not. This program and its location could be expanded to provide a greater array of services, which has to include housing assistance. I admire Salt Lake City’s housing first model. We need to work with our neighbors, the county, and state to do the same in the East Bay and all of California.

3 ­ What policies do you support implementing on the use of surveillance technology (surveillance cameras on streets, license plate readers, drones, etc.) by local law enforcement in your City?

I am against it. I support community policing and other strategies that engage the public. We need to spend our resources on prevention and not prosecution. With the large amount of video footage, it can only be used to prosecute and not prevention. Jobs, housing, education, community engaged policing, and health care reduce crime, not cameras. I do support always on body cameras.

4 ­ What will you do to address problems related to police brutality and misconduct in your City?

As an educator, I believe in training first. I am biased, but I think Emeryville has the best police force in the area. We can build upon the structures in place by increasing community involvement, reviewing and updating procedures, and train train train our officers. I had the privilege of attending a promotion ceremony recently and the office coached football. I thought what an opportunity for outreach if he did it here in Emeryville.

5 ­ What do you believe the City Council should do to address issues of gangs and drug addiction in your community?

Jobs, housing, education, and health care reduce crime. Focusing on gangs puts the focus on the criminal justice system and not social justice where it belongs. The city has taken steps to address the challenges we face by working on worker’s rights but we need to focus more on services. Addiction is a medical problem and should be addressed that way. The city should work with the county health department to increase services in town.

6 ­ What do you think the City Council should do to help youth thrive?

The youth of Emeryville need quality schools. The city has subsidized the school over the last few decades and the district has not been a responsible manager of funds. As a current school board member, I say this with first hand knowledge. After the school day, the city has a strong recreation department and I will fight to keep it running and increase its budget when possible.

7 ­ How do you propose your City should respond to formerly incarcerated citizens re­entrying the community?

What will you do to support community­based support services for formerly incarcerated citizens? Recidivism is caused by lack of transition programs. I would like to see the county work on this regional issue. The city has the new center for community life, I would like to see an adult education component on the site. As I mentioned before, I advocate for expanding and increasing services at ECAP.

8 ­ How do you propose your City address the causes and effects of climate change? Do you have specific policy recommendations for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in your city? If your city is on the bay, how do you propose it prepare for sea level rises?

If sea levels rise as the last model I looked at predicted, I will have bay front property. As a city, we do not require businesses to be green enough. None of our large parking lots have solar panels, which generate power and reduce heat absorption of the pavement. There are not car charging stations in town and we have not fully implemented the bike path plan. We require compostable packaging for restaurants but not compost collection bins.

9 ­ What percentage of the funds you’ve raised so far come from individual contributors giving $200 or less to your campaign?

About half of my funds come from contributors giving less than $200 and the other half comes from $500 donations.

10 ­ Are you running as a Berniecrat? Do you or your campaign have a financial relationship with a member of the ACDCC? Who and in what capacity?

While I share many of Bernie’s values, I have been with her since before he was running. I am a proud supporter of Hillary Clinton and am excited to have her as our next president. I am thankful for the campaign Bernie ran and want to see many of his ideas implemented
I do not have a financial relationship with the ACDCC, but would be very excited if that changed.


I am a school administrator and teacher with a Doctorate in Leadership and Policy Studies. I am
committed to sustainable growth for our community; be it through encouraging green
commuting, working for housing for all income levels and family sizes, and ensuring public
spaces. My wife and I have called Emeryville home since 2003. I currently serve on the Emery
School Board and have a track record of accountability and transparency. I ask direct questions,
do my homework, and most importantly, listen. As a council member and parent, I will work hard
for the issues that matter to families and seniors. With our outstanding police and fire services,
dynamic retail, and bike paths, I will ensure Emeryville’s livability continues to stay high. I will
strengthen the partnership with Emery schools to improve the quality of public education in our
community. With your vote, I can ensure that people of all classes and identities have the
opportunity to live, work, and thrive in our city. Some assembly required.

For more information about my campaign, please visit Key endorsements:
Mayor Dianne Martinez, Councilmember Jac Asher, Councilmember Scott Donahue.