Two candidates, including the incumbent, are running to become Fremont Mayor, while seven candidates vie for two City Council seats and five candidates compete for three School Board seats.  I have sent all candidates a questionnaire to assess their views and policies.  Candidates in bold have returned them and you can read the answers by clicking on their names.

School Board (choose 3)

Ann Crosbie, incumbent

Desrie Campbell, incumbent

Dax Choksi

Michelle Berke, appointed incumbent
Hiu Ng


Bill Harrison
Bill Harrison is the incumbent Mayor of Fremont. He’s a Democrat and he was elected in 2012.

Lily Mei
Lily Mei has served two years in the Fremont City Council. Before that she was in the Fremont School Board.

Fremont City Council (choose 2)

Vinnie Bacon, incumbent

Marty Froomin

Kathy Kimberlin

Laurie Manuel

Raj Salwan

Rakesh Sharma

Cullen Tierman