The City of Oakland is having a number of City Council and School Board races.  Oakland elects its officials by districts.  At the City Council, all incumbents are facing re-election.  Four candidates are challenging Rebecca Kaplan for the at-large City Council seat, while the incumbents from Districts 1, 3 and 5 are facing just one challenger each.  The incumbent for District 7, is facing two.

At the School Board, incumbents in Districts 1 and 7 are facing just one challenger, while the incumbents in Districts 3 and 5 are facing three challengers each.

I have sent a questionnaire to all candidates for whom I could find and e-mail address.  Names in bold link to returned questionnaires for those candidates.

City Council, At Large

Matt Hummel

Bruce Quan

Rebecca Kaplan
Peggy Moore
Nancy Sidebotham

City Council, District 1

Kevin Corbett
Dan Kalb, incumbent

City Council, District 3

Noni Session
Lynette Gibson, incumbent

City Council, District 5

Viola Gonzales

Noel Gallo, incumbent

City Council, District 7

Larry Reid, incumbent
Marcy Hodge
Nehanda Imara

School Board, District 1

Jody London, incumbent
Don Macleay

School Board, District 3

Jumoke Hinton Hodge, incumbent
Benjamin Lang
Lucky Narain
Kharyshi Wiginton

School Board, District 5

Roseann Torres, incumbent
Mike Hutchinson
Michael Hassid
Huber Trenado

School Board, District 7

James Harris, incumbent
Chris Jackson