Chike Udemezue, Candidate for Oro Loma Sanitary District Board, Short Term

chikeChike Udemezue is a community volunteer, organizer, analyst and author. Find out more about him here.


1 – What do you think of the current Oro Loma administration and what changes, if any, would you like to see?

The current administration of the Oro Loma does not reflect the rich cultural diversity of the district and the true faces of the residents as well as a progressive voice are yet to be reflected on the board. I would like to see a progressive agenda that will include the voices of the working families and middle class in the district’s strategies and day to day operations.

2 – Why do you think you are the best candidate for the position?

I come with a unique set of skills, approach and passion for this position. First, I am a community volunteer with a developmental passion for helping the city I reside in and have come to love. A synopsis of my volunteer activities in San Leandro and beyond will follow in a separate transmission. I am a PhD., professionally qualified accountant and an author. I will use my uncommon knowledge, experience and skills to help the agency control costs, improve efficiency and cash-flows.

3 – What will be the most important issues facing the Board in the upcoming four years, and how will you tackle them?

The most important issues facing the board in the next four years are high sea level rise, replacing outdated infrastructure and improving on the cash-flows. I will use my experience of working for the State of California to seek out funding sources for replacing the agency’s outdated infrastructure while modernizing and controlling the sea level rise. My research, accounting and analytical skills will go a long way in cash flow projections and budget management. I will ensure that all wasteful and redundant spending are eliminated from the budget so the agency can stop tapping into its reserves to pay for operating expenses.

4 –  When the contract with Waste Management expires, will you consider contracting with California Waste Solutions or another company that does not have its transfer station in San Leandro?

I am a Shop Steward with SEIU Local 1000 and a strong advocate for the Project Labor Agreement, Local Hire, CWA. and all union guidelines, so I will lean towards contracting locally and what will benefit the residents and the city first before anything else.


Chike Udemezue, a community volunteer, organizer, analyst and author has served on many committees, commission and board of directors in the nonprofit, public and government sectors. At the present, he serves on the Recreation and Parks Commission of the San Leandro City Council. He also serves on the John Muir Middle School Site Council and on the LCAP Parent Advisory Committee of the San Leandro Unified School District. He brings his experience of civil service into his community activities with the intent of providing first class service to the district which in turn highlight the type of delivery the residents have come to expect. His experience of serving as a steward for the SEIU Local 1000 will help him fight for the working class families and all people in the San Leandro, Castro Valley, Ashland, San Lorenzo and Fairview areas of the Alameda County.
Chike is a professionally qualified accountant that subsequently retrained in the people side of the enterprise. Under private sponsorship, he studied the impact of ethical behavior on career development for his doctoral research. His research has facilitated his track record of writing and publishing in accounting, labor market, organizational development and social change. Dr. Udemezue will be honored to have your endorsement and vote in the November 8, 2016 general election.