Two candidates are running for Mayor of Pleasanton in the November 2016 elections, while three candidates are contesting two City Council seats and four candidates are contesting three School Board seats.  Below you can find more information about the races and the candidates.


Julie Testa is a former Human Services Commissioner and a longtime advocate of measures to reduce school overcrowding.

Jerry Thorne was elected Mayor of Pleasanton in 2012 and is running for re-election.  He was a City Council member for seven years and served in numerous boards and commissions before that.   He is a retired senior executive from Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies.  He is a Republican.

School Board (vote for 3)

Valerie Arkin, incumbent

Jamie Yee Hintzke, incumbent

Kathlyn Ruegsegger

Steve Maher, former principal

City Council

Karla Brown, incumbent (Republican)

Jerry Pentin, incumbent (Republican)

Herb Ritter, businessman/community advocate