Jun 202012

Remember how back when Grocery Outlet opened in San Leandro every time you made a purchase, they annoyingly asked you for your zip code?  There was pretty much no way to get around giving them one, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who felt it was none of their business.

Eventually they stopped and I forgot about it, but today my girls pointed out that on the back of Grocery Outlet receipts there are $3 OFF coupons.  Some close reading shows that GO was sued for this, settled, and as part of the settlement GO  is printing “$3 OFF any purchase coupons” on the back of all of its receipts.   They started doing so on June 12th and this will go on until July 12th, or when a total of 616,000 coupons have been printed.  Most, I have no doubt, will go unnoticed and directly to the trash.  So, I’m giving you the heads up.

If you don’t want to make a purchase, you can ask for one of the coupons as well. But don’t expect them to offer them to you 🙂

Note that these coupons expire on 10/12/12, but they don’t require a minimum purchase.  The coupons are only good at the store you make the purchase from.

You can also get up to a $20 coupon on the mail by visiting https://groceryoutletzipcodesettlement.com/ and certifying that you used your credit card at GO and were asked your zip code.  If too many people file for these, you may get less than $20 but you’ll get something.

You are only entitled to use one of of the $3 and one of the $20 coupon.

As usual with class action lawsuits, the ones actually making money out of them are the lawyers: Patterson Law Group and Stonebarger Law will be sharing $196,000 on legal fees.


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