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Last October, Assembly Member Mary Hayashi went shopping to Neiman Marcus in San Francisco, and left with a few more things that she had paid for.  She was arrested for shoplifting, eventually plead “no contest”, and in between lots of the details of her shoplifting excursion were released.  However, until now, they’ve come out in a piecemeal manner.

Here is the whole story from the Police Incident Report:

On 10/23/11, Ofc Sy #1764 and I responded to 150 Stockton St.  Neiman Marcus, regarding a theft.

Upon our arrival, we met with Swain, Loss Prevention Agent for Neiman Marcus, who stated the following to us:

At 1216 hrs., Swain received a telephone call from Sales Associate Sophorn regarding a suspicious person,  Hayashi.

Swain began following and observing Hayashi.  Hayashi selected a white blouse, two pairs of black pants, a leather dress, two pairs of red pants, one blue shirt, two pairs of jeans, a red dress and several other items.

Swain continued to observe Hayashi in the fitting room through the reverse louver on the fitting room door.   After trying on and folding a pair of black pant on an ottoman, Hayashi exited the fitting room with a pair of red pants, two blue jeans, two pairs of leather pants and her purse.   Hayashi left two shopping bags in the fitting room.  Hayashi also left a white blouse, black leather shirt, and a black leather pants on the ottoman in the fitting room.

Hayashi made several more selection of items and returned to the fitting room.  In the fitting room, Hayashi tried on a red shirt.  After trying on the shirt, Hayashi placed the shirt on the hanger.  Hayashi dropped the hanger and at the same time concealed the items that were on the ottoman into a Neiman Marcus shopping bag that she had in her possession.

Hayashi then exited the fitting room and purchased the red pants, gold blouse, and black top.  Hayashi made no attempt to pay for the items concealed in her shopping bag.   Hayashi walked to and boarded the down escalator to the first floor.   Hayashi walked through the cosmetics department, then the handbag department and then to the Geary Street customer exit.  Hayashi passed several operated and manned registers as she walked towards the exit, making no attempts to pay for the items in her possession that she did not purchase.

Hayashi was stopped by Swain and Loss Prevention Agent Wilski 10 feet outside of the store. After verbally identifying themselves, Hayashi was escorted to the Loss Prevention office without further incident.

Inside of the Loss Prevention office, Swain recovered the following items from Hayashi’s shopping bag:  black skirt, leather pants, and white blouse.  The total amount of the recovered items was $2445.00.  SFPD was then contacted.

Swain arrested Hayashi for theft and then signed a  Citizen’s Arrest form on Hayashi.  I accepted custody of Hayashi.  Swain wrote out a statement regarding the incident I gave Swain a case number and follow-up form.

Ofc Sy seized the black skirt, leather pants and white blouse as evidence. Ofc Sy gave Swain a  Property Receipt for the stolen/recovered items. Ofc Sy also recovered a store copy of the receipt for the items Hayashi did purchase. Swain gave Ofc Sy a video of the incident.

Hayashi was transported to Tenderloin Station for further investigation. While being transported to Tenderloin Station, Hayashi asked to speak to a lawyer.
At Tenderloin Station I advised Sgt Darcy #185 and Sgt Koniaris #1919 of the incident.  I advised Sgt Koniaris that Hayashi wanted to speak to a lawyer.  Sgt Koniaris did not interview Hayashi.

A computer check on Hayashi showed that she had no previous arrest.  A CWB check, Gabriel #067, showed no wants or warrants for Hayashi.
With the approval of Sgt Darcy, Hayashi was booked for grand theft (487(a) PC) at County Jail #1.

Ofc Sy booked the citizen’s arrest form,  property receipt and skirt, pants,and blouse.  Sgt Koniaris took the following items for the case file:  Swain’s statement, video of the incident, and receipt of the items Hayashi purchased.

At the time of the incident, Hayashi had US currency and 2 Visa credit cards in her purse.

Note: codes omitted, see full incident report for them.

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