Apr 222013

Congressman Mike Honda has gotten the endorsement of everyone from the President to community college student journalists, but now it’s Ro Khanna’s turn to shine, with a rather brilliant endorsement.

Ro has been speaking so much lately of “reaching across the aisle”, that it was starting to sound as, if elected, he’d move his chair all the way there (as Swalwell seems likely to do). Newsom’s endorsement, however, solidifies Ro’s Democratic credentials and helps define him as someone with firm Democratic goals but not necessarily a traditional approach.

It also gives Ro credibility he’s been hitherto lacking.

It’d a bold move for Newsom as well, to go against the party establishment so openly and clearly – but boldness is what Newsom is known for.

Anyway, this continues to be the race to watch in the Bay Area.

Gavin Newsom endorses Ro Khanna for Congress

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