Sep 192013

Greetings Mayor Cassidy,

I’d like to ask that you consider excercising your power to suspend implementation of the Chinese flag raising on Chinese National Day and have the Council reconsider the issue.  Action should not be taken until all the people of San Leandro have had opportunity to voice their opinions, and there has been time to evaluate other less divisive options.

San Leandro is a diverse city. We are only as strong as our unity and mutual respect. Other cities have found ways to both honor the contributions of their Chinese community while acknowledging the human rights violations committed by the Chinese State, represented by the country’s flag. San Francisco, for example, instead of marking the Chinese National Day, honors Chinese Traditional Day.

San Leandro’s Council could offer a process for all our immigrant communities to apply for cultural recognition days. The innaugural such day could be granted to honor the Chinese community in our city.

Reconsideration will allow for thoughtful policy. We deserve a leadership committed to excellence, and one that embraces us all.

Thank you.

Cynthia Chandler

Cynthia Chandler

Cynthia Chandler is a civil rights attorney and professor at Golden Gate University.

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