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The following is a list of the candidates that won competitive races in Alameda County, where either I or the Democratic party made an endorsement. I tried to endorse the most liberal candidate, except in the case of agencies where I went for technical competence as well. Neither I nor the Democratic party endorsed in every race. As you can see, we have not fared very well.

* I endorsed/recommended

Δ Democratic Party endorsed

[i] Incumbent


Mayor: * Trish Spencer (lost Δ Mary Gilmore [i])
City Council: Frank Matarrese & Jim Oddie (lost Δ Stewart Chen [i])
School Board: Δ Solana Henneberry & Gary Lym (lost: Δ Michael McMahon [i])
Healthcare District: Δ Tracy Jensen [i], Robert Deutsch [i] & Δ Jim Meyers (lost Lynn Mark Bratchett [i])


School Board: *Charles Blanchard, *Paul Black [i] & Ross Stapleton-Gray (lost: Eliott Chin)


City Council District 1: Δ Linda Maio [i] (lost: *Alejandro Soto-Vigil & Merrilie Mitchell)
City Council District 7: *Kriss Worthington [i] (lost: Sean Barry)
City Council District 8: Δ Lori Droste (lost: * George Beier, Mike Alvarez Cohen & Jacquelyn McCormick)
School Board: *Ty Alper, *Δ Josh Daniels [i] & Δ Karen Hemphill [i] (lost: Δ Julie Sinai [i] & Norma JF Harrison)


School Board: Δ Gary C. Howard [i] & *Dorothy Theodore (lost: Δ Janice Friesen [i])


Mayor: David G. Haubert (lost: Kevin E. Hart, Δ Kasie Hildenbrand & Shawn Costello)
City Council: Δ Abe Gupta [i] & Δ Don Biddle [i] (lost: Sue Wakamoto-Lee)


City Council: Δ Dianne Martinez & Δ Scott Donahue (lost: John J. Bauters & Ken Bukowski)
School Board: *Δ John Affeldt [i], Δ Christian Robin Patz [i] & Donn Lee Merriam (lost: Δ Miguel Dwin [i])


City Council: Lily Mei & Rick Jones (lost: *Δ Raj Salwan [i], Dirk R. Lorenz, *Δ David Paul Bonaccorsi, Rakesh Sharma, Nancy Liu, Marty Froomin & Syed Iqbal Ahmed)
School Board: Larry Sweeney [i] & Yang Shao (lost: Δ Moina Shaiq, *Δ Dax Choksi & Hiu Ng)


School Board: Δ Lisa Brunner [i] & Δ William L. McGee [i] (lost: Marita Cheng)


Mayor: Δ Alan L. Nagy [i] (lost: Ray J. Rodriguez)
City Council: Mike Hannon & Δ Mike Bucci (lost: Δ Francisco Preciado Jr., Elisabeth Reid-Gonzalez, Mark Gonzales, Jack Dane & David Rogowski)
School Board: Δ Nancy Thomas [i] & Tom Huynh (lost: Δ Christopher Wecks [i] & Elizabeth Brazil)


Mayor: Libby Schaaf (lost: Jean Quan [i], Rebecca Kaplan, *Dan Siegel, Joe Tuman, Bryan Parker, Courtney Ruby et al)
City Council District 2: Δ Abel Guillen lost: Dana King, Andrew Park et al)
City Council District 4: *Δ Annie Campbell Washington (lost: Jill Broadhurst & Paul Lim)
City Council District 6: *Desley Brooks [i] (lost: Shereda F. Nosakhare, Michael V. Johnson et al)
School Board District 2: *Aimee Eng (lost: William ”Bo” Ghirardelli)
School Board District 4: Nina Senn (lost: *Δ Karl Debro, Saleem Shakir-Gilmore & Cheri Spigner)
School Board District 6: *Δ Shanthi Gonzales (lost: Renato Almanzor)
Auditor: Δ Brenda Roberts (lost: *Len Raphael)


Mayor: Jerry Thorne [i] (lost: *Matt Morrison)
City Council: Kathy Narum [i] & Arne Olson (lost: *Δ Olivia Sanwong & George Bowen)
School Board: Δ Joan Laursen [i] & *Mark R. Miller (lost: Paige Wright & Δ Jeff Bowser [i])


Mayor: ΔPauline Russo Cutter (lost: Diana Souza, Dan Dillman & *Gregg Daly)
City Council District 1: Deborah Cox (lost: *Mike Katz-Lacabe, Ken Pon, David Anderson)
City Council District 3: Lee Thomas (lost: *Δ Victor Aguilar, Allen Schoenfeld)
City Council District 5: Δ Corina Lopez (lost: Leah Hall, *Mia Ousley)
School Board At-Large: *Δ Evelyn Gonzalez (lost: Jean Kinkella, Peter Oshinski, Monique Tate)
School Board Area 4: Δ Leo Sheridan (lost: Chike Udemezue, *Latrina Dumas)


School Board: Helen T. Randall [i] & *Δ Janet Zamudio (lost: *Δ Steven Kirk, Isabel Polvorosa [i] et al)


City Council: Δ Emily Duncan [i], Δ Pat D. Gacoscos [i] & Lorrin Ellis [i] (lost: Kashmir Singh Shahi, Amit Salwan)
New Haven School Board: Linda Canlas [i] & Δ Sarabjit Kaur Cheema [i] (lost: Gwen Estes & Δ Lance Nishihira)


Alameda County Superintendent of Schools: Δ Karen Monroe (lost: Helen Foster)

Chabot-Las Positas District: *Δ Isobel Dvorsky [i] (lost: Gene Judson)
Ohlone Area 2: Garrett Yee [i] & Δ Jan Giovannini-Hill [i] (lost: Joe Lonsdale)
Peralta, Area 5: ΔWilliam Riley [i] (lost: *David Ralston)
Peralta, Area 7: Julina Bonilla (lost: *Richard Fuentes)


AC Transit At-Large: Joel B. Young [i] (lost: *Dollene C. Jones & Adrienne C. Andrews)
AC Transit Ward 4: Δ Mark Williams [i] (lost: *Murphy McCalley)
AC Transit Ward 5: *Jeff Davis [i] (lost: Δ Kewal Singh)
Bart District 4: Robert Raburn [i] (lost: Δ Lena Tam & Larry Lionel Young Jr.)


Alameda County Water District:  *Δ Paul Sethy [i] & Judy C. Huang [i] (lost: Eric Tsai)
EBMUD Ward 3:Marguerite Young (lost: Katy Foulkes [i])
Castro Valley Sanitary Board: Melody Appleton [i] & Ralph Johnson [i] (lost: Kunio Okui, Δ John Maher & Marc Crawford)
Oro Loma Sanitary District: Howard W. Kerr [i], Timothy P. Becker [i] & Δ Shelia Young (lost: *Dan Walters & Chike C. Udemezue)
East Bay Regional Park Ward 5: Δ Ayn Wieskamp (lost: Dev Gandhi)

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