Benny Lee’s China

San Leandro Council member Benny Lee not only tried to get the City of San Leandro to honor the totalitarian regime of the People’s Republic of China by raising its flag on its “National Day”, but when asked directly about human rights violations in China, he refused to condemn them.

To encourage Benny Lee to speak out against human rights violations in China, I’ve created this section of this blog.

Sep 252013
Action Against Raising the PRC flag in Alameda

Update: Apparently, contrary to what Benny Lee said, there were never any plans to raise the PRC flag at the Alameda City Hall. — From the Tibetan National Congress The City of Alameda plans to raise the Chinese flag on Oct 1 to celebrate the Chinese National Day and Mao Zedong. Last week, we successfully suspended the flag raising in the City of San Leandro. Please call/email/fax Alameda’s Mayor Marie Gilmore and ask her not to taint her city: Phone: (510) 747-4701 Fax: (510) 865-1498 Email: OPEN LETTER TO MAYOR GILMORE September 25th, 2013 It has come to our [Continue Reading]

Sep 252013
Memories of Chinese flag-raising

This op-ed by Ed Riffle was published in the San Jose Mercury News.  Harry Wu (right) is a famed Chinese human rights activist.  I remember campaigning for his freedom back in the 90’s.  Repression of human rights activists has only intensified since then.  Marga In September 1999, for the 50th anniversary of the communist takeover of China, with great ceremony and with Chinese diplomats in attendance, the flag of the People’s Republic of China was raised next to the American flag in front of the old Milpitas City Hall. The PRC flag that was used for the ceremony was considerably [Continue Reading]

Sep 252013
Violent Para-Police, Faulty Trials, and an Execution in China

by Sophie Richardson, Human Rights Watch Zhang Jing got the call this morning: the execution of her husband, street vendor Xia Junfeng, was imminent.  By day’s end, the sentence had been carried out. That he had acted in self-defense while being severely beaten in custody by a notoriously violent para-police force, that his two trials were riddled with all of the pathologies that plague the Chinese judicialsystem, and that the death penalty is a fundamentally cruel punishment all seem absolutely immaterial to the authorities. Convicted in November 2009 for “intentional homicide” and sentenced to death – a sentence upheld by a [Continue Reading]