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How to run and how to figure out who to vote for.

I’m fairly new to local politics.  My involvement only started in 2006, when my husband decided to run for School Board.  Since then I’ve become addicted (though each time around I say I will never do it again) and I have now participated in the running of four campaigns (three for school board, one for Mayor).  That may not seem like much, but they were all successful, and three of them were against incumbents, who have a huge home field advantage.  Through these experiences, I’ve gained quite a bit of knowledge about campaign strategies – from messaging to packaging – and I’d like to share what I know with you.  I hope by this to help new candidates learn how to start campaigning, and alert voters as to how to look through all the hubris to identify what candidates best reflect their political views.

One caveat: all of my experiences are in the City of San Leandro, a moderate Democratic city where Republicans have not a prayer in hell of being elected (unless they run for a non-partisan office without any real competition).

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  1. The primary reason city hall is pushing Measure HH is because they have an open ended pension liability with the cities retirees that consumes millions each year.. If the California Public Employees Pension Fund (CALPERS) does not make enough on their investment portfolio to pay what has been promised to the retirees, they have the city make up the difference. Some years are more, other years are less. Irregardless, it is an open ended liability that no one elected to the city council has the balls to address.

    Go to CALPERS $100K club on line. You will see the name of the ex-city manager of San Leandro and his paltry $19K per month pension…

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