Arun Goel, Candidate for Dublin City Council


arungoelArun Goel is an engineer. Learn more about him at


1 – What do you think should be your City’s response to the lack of housing stock? Do you support having a moratorium of any kind on rent increases, stronger rent control measures, restrictions on sales to foreign nationals? Please elaborate.

The City of Dublin currently does not have a lack of housing. Dublin currently provides a diverse set of housing options that focus on lower income, veterans, and seniors. A moratorium of rent increases on the subsidized or reduced housing elements are essential to meet the intent, to insure a diverse market, income level, and work force which creates a sustainable City.

In regards to sales to foreign nationals, I would like to see limitations or a ratio cap to insure that the housing market in a down economy is not negatively impacted like in 2005 or during the dot com era where foreign nationals abandoned assets due to loss in value which created even more significant impacts.

2 – What will you do to help the homeless population in your City?

Currently the homeless population is not apparent and/or minimal, however opportunities to
guide, educate, and provide opportunities to employ the individuals should be created while
providing them a temporary opportunity to make a difference in temp housing (i.e. 30 days that
is tracked).

3 – What policies do you support implementing on the use of surveillance technology (surveillance cameras on streets, license plate readers, drones, etc.) by local law enforcement in your City?

The use of license plate readers (LPR’s) by local law enforcement should be
allowed, if it is simply used for identification and searching license plate databases being sought
for a criminal violation. However, the data contained should have limited use (pre-defined and
not infringing on privacy issues) and with defined retention parameters (i.e. max of 72 hours).

4 – What will you do to address problems related to police brutality and misconduct in your City?

Police brutality and misconduct is not currently an issue in Dublin, however this should be
considered a serious offense where the officer in question would be placed on a leave of
absence until an investigation is completed. Pending financial availability or the method of
contracting with the Alameda County Sherriff’s department it could be also considered a
requirement that all officers and vehicles have a bodycam.

5 – What do you believe the City Council should do to address issues of gangs and drug addiction in your community?

The City of Dublin in conjunction with the Alameda CountySherriff’s department has a special task force for gang and drugs, currently keeping exposure to these issues minimized in Dublin. As a result, the City Council should continue to fund the special task force, while increasing education and awareness for adolescents and adults.

6 – What do you think the City Council should do to help youth thrive?

The City Council shouldcontinue to provide more opportunities for education and involvement outside of school
atmosphere. For instance developing more unique after school and recreational locations for
youth to congregate after school and on weekends that foster a positive environment. Program
like RAD and development of well informed youth understanding the civil process should also
be expanded upon, which create positive and engaged youth for the future.

7 – How do you propose your City should respond to formerly incarcerated citizens re-entrying the community? What will you do to support community-based support services for formerly incarcerated citizens?

Citizens that have been formerly incarcerated will need to be heavily
monitored to insure they become positive citizens to Dublin in addition to insuring that the youth
and families are not negatively impacted as the City of Dublin has become known as the
“Bedroom City”, which invites a significant amount of younger families.

8 – How do you propose your City address the causes and effects of climate change? Do you have specific policy recommendations for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in your city? If your city is on the bay, how do you propose it prepare for sea level rises?

Having been the Program Manager for the Safe Routes to School Program and the BikeMobile Program in
Alameda County the key is to inform and educate the citizens of Dublin about alternative
transportation that leads to healthier living and reduces congestion. Developing the necessary
infrastructure to further promote and encourage alternative modes, for instance dedicated bike
lanes, improved pathways and trails, improved bike network, along with bike racks/storage units
at key destinations.

Having also supported Measure BB, which supported transportation in Alameda County for
(automotive, seniors, and youth), my focus to reduce greenhouse gas emissions would be
insuring the necessary programs are in place to support the citizens (i.e. increased bus services
during school and peak travel addressing key connections with transportation hubs and key
destinations). Utilize technology to assist with traffic congestion mitigation, for instance
interconnected signalization along with increasing use of dynamic infrastructure (Intelligent
Transportation Systems and methodology).

9 – What percentage of the funds you’ve raised so far come from individual contributors giving $200 or less to your campaign?

Approximately 60% as of current. It should be noted that the max allowable donation from an individual/entity is $500 in the City of Dublin.

10 – Are you running as a Berniecrat? Do you or your campaign have a financial relationship with a member of the ACDCC? Who and in what capacity?

I would not say specifically that I am running as a Berniecrat, however some of my philosophies
maybe similar pending on the specifics issues. Currently, I have no financial relationship with
any member of ACDCC which I am aware.

Candidate Statement

Occupation: Engineer

As an Engineer that understands traffic concerns, excessive housing growth, the need for critical infrastructure,
and transparency to insure a well-designed city, I am committed to seeing the Vision of the Community become a
reality. Embracing critical partnerships with decision-makers will be essential – which I am committed to foster,
together WE can insure the future of the great City of Dublin.

If elected, my focus will be on transportation infrastructure using my industry expertise. Guiding the development
of retail and commercial infrastructure to bring revenue and jobs for the city. With a key commitment to reduce
housing growth, to align with the infrastructure capacity.

My experience spans with an education in Civil Engineering (Transportation and Construction Management),
delivering significant and crucial public infrastructure throughout the nation. In-depth understanding and
experience of the governmental budget processes, delivering cost effective projects under budget – with efficiency
and transparency.

I will unite and establish a sustainable, healthy, environmentally friendly city which we can all be proud of for
generations to come. Feel free to contact me at 510-673-0482 or For more information visit

I humbly request your support.