Apr 152012

It’s the place in town for great coffee drinks and a secret randevouz

I’ve written about Mr. Bagel before, on my Foodblog, but I think it’s worth a mention here as well.  Mr. Bagel, located on East 14th at the old Planet Coffee location, is my favorite place to meet with people.  It’s close to my house (a big plus), it’s always empty (people who come in usually take their coffee/bagels to go) and their offerings are delicious.  Their Vietnamese sandwiches are a filling and quick lunch, they have a wide variety of big bagels (in addition to regular sandwiches and soups) and their coffee drinks are great, specially for those of us who like drinks on the sweet side.  I’m not a coffee drinker per se, but the last person I met with had the coffee and he was very impressed.

Service is always very, very friendly – though I don’t go that often, they still remember my favorite drink.  And it’s just a nice place to be.

Now, my heart is always with Zocalo, but Mr. Coffee is a different experience – mostly because it’s so small and so empty.  I do want them to stay in business, though, so I want to encourage everyone to go.

Mr. Bagel Café
1423 East 14th St.
San Leandro, CA
M-F 7am – 5 pm
Sa 8 am – 5 pm
Su 8 am – 3 pm

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