Darlene Daevu

Oct 062012

The Chamber of Commerce and the League of Women’s Voters had a forum on Sep. 25th for San Leandro City Council candidates.  Candidates gave a short opening and closing statements, and answered written questions from audience members.  If anyone had any doubt that Chris Crow is the only qualified candidate for District 4, watching the videos below will erase them.

If you don’t want to listen to everything, you can sum up their positions as:

Chris Crow: Vote for me because I have a concrete plan to raise revenue, manage the budget and push economic development.

Justin Hutchinson: Vote for me because I’m married with four children and have lived all my life in Washington Manor.  Plus I’m a security executive at Target so I can give the police some tips on how to do their jobs.

Darlene Daevu: Vote for me because I have an MBA from Golden Gate University.

Benny Lee: Vote for me because I will tell you whatever it is I think you want to hear.  Just don’t hold me to it next time you see me.

Opening Statements

“What are your specific proposals for raising revenue in the next four years?”

“On police, fire, and employees’ pensions, should there be a top limit of $100,000 or $110,000?”

“What will you do to help retain businesses?”

“What is your position on Measure L?”

“With such high unemployment yet so much construction going on, would you support a program of San Leandro jobs for San Leandro people like Oakland’s recent initiative of Oakland jobs for Oakland people?”

“As an elected Councilmember, how would you assure that events like tonight have large attendance of students, especially high schools?”

“What would you do to bring the many communities San Leandro together?”

Closing Statements


Note: The candidates for all the Districts were on the same panel.  These videos have been edited to only include the answers from District 4 candidates.  The order here does not reflect the order on which the questions were asked. The somewhat tongue-in-chick summaries are mine 🙂