Oct 022016
Jesse Arreguin

Jesse Arreguin

SLT’s endorsements and recommendations are based upon personal or phone interviews, questionnaires sent to the candidates and other research on them.  I only endorse candidates that I believe are truly progressive, support a clean government agenda, transparency and accountability.

Endorsing Jesse Arreguín for Mayor of Berkeley is a no-brainer and probably an exercise in futility.  After all, Jesse has already been endorsed by both the Democratic Party and the Green Party, Alameda Central Labor and the Sierra Club, Democracy for America, Dolores Huerta and the Berkeley Planet, in addition to dozens of other progressive organizations, politicians and activists.  Most importantly, Jesse has been endorsed by Bernie Sanders himself!   So what can my humble endorsement mean among so many?

I’m endorsing Jesse because he is the most progressive politician in Alameda County today – and one of the very, very few with the guts to stand up against police brutality, against social cleansing laws, and against unchecked development meant to benefit developers rather than citizens  Jesse is a man of conviction, a man with the intelligence to navigate the landmines of a corrupt political system and survive with only minor wounds, and a man of integrity, who does not sell out his community for power or for money.  Bernie Sanders called on progressives to not just to vote for the best choice in the ballot, but to find champions that will fight for economic equality, human rights and a fair society.  Jesse, more than anyone I know, is that champion.

As for his opponent Laurie Capitelli, all I need to say is that at the Democratic Central Committee endorsement meeting, he refused to call himself a progressive. I applaud his honesty, but if Berkeley cannot have a progressive Mayor, we’re pretty doomed.