Mar 212011
From Tim Holmes: “If you know Alice Sarafian, wish her happy day tomorrow. It’s officially “Alice Sarafian Day” in San Leandro tomorrow, March 22nd, by proclamation of the Mayor on behalf of the City Council.”

I don’t know anything about Alice Sarafian, except for the fact that she had been in the Human Services Commission in San Leandro for 27 years before Mayor Cassidy replaced her.  Apparently some people were upset about that – the “powers that be” in San Leandro do not like change of any kind – but I think that in a changing city, we need new blood to move the city forward.  Of course, the Human Services Commission doesn’t have too much to do now that the city has little money for human services, but perhaps the new commissioners will come up with fresh ideas of how to help our citizens with no money in our coffers (except for legal fees, of course).

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