Apr 042011

The Tribune reports today that San Leandro based upscale deli chain A.G. Ferrari has filed for bankruptcy.  I’ve been to A.G. Ferrari a couple of times, they have good food but it’s incredibly expensive. I’m not surprised that they are not doing well in this economy.

I’m not particularly sad to see them go.  While A.G. Ferrari is based in San Leandro, it doesn’t operate any stores in San Leandro.  Clearly our demographics are not good enough for them (and yet, they support Galvan’s market, which is pretty expensive as well).  And yet, one of the reasons why they are going bankrupt is that they can’t compete with Whole Foods and similar stores (none of whom are present in San Leandro) and that their rents are too high – a problem they wouldn’t have in San Leandro.  I can’t help but feeling that if they had given this city a chance, they could actually have done well.  Well, we’ll probably never know now.

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