Apr 162011

The city of San Leandro is joining 5 other cities, all represented by the Meyers Nave lawfirm, in a lawsuit that asks the court to validate their redevelopment activities.   The city has not yet disclosed the particulars of the case, but this article discusses the type of lawsuits cities like San Leandro are filing.  It’s unclear whether this lawsuit has legal merit or is necessary, but it’s sure to generate lots of attorney fees for Meyers Nave.

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  1. You might be right . Redevelopment money should in the long run generate more money for the cities so its a potential bonanza for connected law firms even if they are on what seems to be the right side of the issue.
    The same could be said about the SL Hospital issue , which was also a handsome pay day in attorney fees. A more militant approach in the hospital case would have gone after the Sutter board and CEO with other communities cursed by the charity hospitals wrath.What’s called a corporate campaign. In the end they may still need to clash with Sutter outside the costly court room.

  2. Redevelopment money is nice, but it’s not a necessity. The state is in near financial ruin. We’re facing budget cuts that will decimate social services, most likely cost real people their lives, and that will make a mockery out of public education. In these desperate times for the cities to throw a hissy fit because they are not given extra money to hand out to developers for needless office parks and the like, is just selfish. And to spend our money on attorneys fees rather than on swimming pools and crossing guards is adding insult to injury.

    • Craig, Just how will the senior center be generating $$$ for San Leandro? This lawsuit is ridiculous. I will not vote for any new taxes as long as this redevelopment is in place. The skimming of taxes is just the beginning, what about all the debt accumulated from these projects?

  3. The loss of the Redevelopment Agency funds is not a terrible thing. The money is frequently spent poorly. The upcomng million dollars to be spent on the fence and facade to keep people out of the San Lorenzo theater is a perfect example of how to waste money.

    Perhaps worse than that is the obvious effort to continue cash flow for the law firm. Two million plus has been wasted on San Leandro Hospital, thousands on Faith Fellowship and now a private firm wants to stick it to San Leandro for Redevelopment Monies when there is little chance that that will work.

    I thought the city council was smarter than that, but then that is my fault i guess. They are not. It is time to drop the present city attorney set up.

  4. We could look at what creates our fiscal problems. On a federal level we have corporations who can whittle their tax burden down from 35 percent to on average 3 percent. Wealthy people also get a free lunch with a half way competent accountant. On a state level commercial property taxes are a scam . Not only do businesses not pay their fair share ,we’re the only industrial state that doesn’t have split role . Some of Redevelopment money may seem trivial but that’s how we develop employment and at times add to our tax base. By being in denial about the commercial property tax scam , Brown is almost blaming the victim.I’m not a total Redevelopment fan but Brown isn’t addressing the real problem.I support Redevelopment but would thing long and hard about going to court over it.

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