Jul 262011

I got the following e-mail from a reader. I’m posting it because I think it serves as a useful warning to anyone shopping in that area.

Saturday 7/23/11, my wife went shopping in and around this little strip mall Guadalajara Meat Market and Taqueria on 14327 E 14th St., San Leandro (between 143rd Ave & 144th Ave). She parked the car in the lot then stepped across into the Asian store next door but not in the Guadalajara lot intending to continue shopping in Guadalajara stores. In less than 20 minutes the over zealous security had her car towed costing us $330. My feeling is that he gets paid by the towing company though I can not prove it. Because of the security I will not shop there again and I suggest you do not either. I feel robbed and violated.”

  One Response to “Warning about parking @ the Guadalajara parking lot”

  1. It sounds like in addition to Mexican baked goods and tasty Mexican food; the owners of the strip mall have also imported some third-world style police corruption in the form of security guards all too ready to tow. After that, I wouldn’t return either.

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