Mar 012013

The San Leandro Police Department has reported a rise in burglaries recently, and burglars seem to be particularly going after guns.

Could this be a result of all the gun control legislation that is being introduced? Is it raising the prices of guns/ammunition in the streets and thus encouraging more people to go into the burglary “business”?  Or is it that the “no-questions-asked” gun buy-back programs make it easy so easy to dispose of stolen guns at a profit?

Alameda Assemblymember Rob Bonta, Berkeley Assemblymember Nancy Skinner and State Senator Loni Hancock have introduced some of this legislation. I wonder what they have to say about this.

One of the problems with opportunistic or reactionary legislation is that those proposing it don’t take the time to sit down and analyze what the actual (rather than intended) effects of the legislation will be.  And this may be a prime sample of how poorly thought out legislation can quickly backfire (pun intended).


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