Feb 272013

It’s time that our Mayor and City Council do what’s right.  Californians approved medical marijuana collectives fifteen years ago, and they are now ready to legalize marijuana altogether.  Legalization at this point is inevitable and every person of sound body can easily get marijuana at school yards, parks and at street corners.  As the case of SLPD officer Jason Fredriksson showed, even cops are in the marijuana selling game.

The only people who have trouble getting marijuana are the old and sick patients who actually need it.  The attitude of City Council members like Diana Souza and Benny Lee, who want to deny pain relief to those suffering, is unconscionable.  And I don’t want to hear any excuses about how the “community doesn’t want it” (when surveys like this show that they clearly do) or that “patients can go elsewhere” (when that’s impractical for exactly the people who most need it).

Have some courage, put the needs of others beyond your own personal prejudices and pettiness.  Approve the dispensary once and for all.

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