May 202011

Fredriksson's booking photo

San Leandro Police Detective Jason Fredriksson (aka “Big Dirty”) was charged today with furnishing marijuana to a confidential informant for sale.  Apparently, he was having an affair with said informant.  His wife, Sheryll Cofreros (aka “The Riz”) Fredriksson, is a dispatcher for the SLPD.  Both are on paid administrative leave.  A search of the couple’s Danville home revealed evidence of the marijuana sale.  Police does not yet know where he got the pot.

Fredriksson is a detective in the vice/narcotics unit and a member of San Leandro’s SWAT team.  He is 38 years old and a graduate of Las Lomas High School in Walnut Creek. According to one profile:

“After High School I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and pursued a career as a firefighter. After the military I worked several unappealing jobs then found my way into Law Enforcement. I started my career as a Deputy Sheriff then moved to a municipal Police Dept. and started my career as a patrol officer. As of 2005 I have been a sworn officer for 6 years. I am the father of a beautiful little girl named Hailey and in my free time enjoy spending time with good friends and building nostalgia Hot Rods.”

Fredriksson receives  $193,233 a year in total compensation.  Fredriksson married Cofreros in 2009, in 2010 they bought their Sonora Ave. home in Danville  for $1.1 Million.

The San Leandro Police Department, under Chief Spagnoli, has taken a very strong position against medical marijuana dispensaries coming to town.  They’ve gone as far as to lie to City Council about the medicinal value of medical marijuana (claiming it has none). Meanwhile, they apparently have failed to police the activities of their own members.  The investigation of Fredriksson’s activities apparently came as a result of a “tip” by a San Leandro resident, not any internal control mechanisms they may have

June Update: In a seemingly unrelated event, Jason Fredriksson’s father, John Fredriksson, has been arrested on charges of molesting a young female relative from 1988 to 1992. He’s recently been in therapy for his compulsion.  More info on Patch.

Fuck the Factory – Fredriksson’s motorcycle blog. Note, the site has been removed and the google cached version has expired, so the link is to a PDF file of what the site looked like.

San Leandro Police Department press release

Jason Fredriksson having fun with wife Sheryll Cofreros & friends

Jason Fredricksson in High School (dressed up?)

Detective Jason Fredriksson and his hot rod

Jason Fredriksson with his daughter

Jason & Sheryll Fredriksson

  86 Responses to “San Leandro cop Jason Fredriksson arrested for selling pot”

  1. Where was Fredricksson when they had the important weed vote this week at the city council? Also snitching has become too big a business (see UCLA Law professor Alexandra Natapoff’s Snitching:Criminal Informants and the Erosion of American Justice.)
    Also the dude makes $190,000 plus a year and needs to sell grass! Maybe a city councilor or even the mayor but not a guy making that much money.

  2. Marga, the lead off photo is a good one. Channel 7 is reporting that Sheryll did not want to share Jason with a female confidential inforement which is what really blew this up. The three way resulted in the disclosure to Chief Spagnoli in March that Jason sold half a kilo of quality grass to CI for the SLPD and relatively new bride/PD dispatcher was not happy sharing.

    The new Chief will not do anything to clean up the Cowboys from the SLPD. Controls and safeguards, along with drug testing will not happen. The SLPOA will close ranks, along with the other agencies and this will all go away.

    The apologists for corrupt cops will continue the same sad string of comments about how good the majority are. Rubbish. They are shielded, protected and immune from virtually all oversight, as long as they are protecting the Old Order/Silent Majority.

  3. Marga, I notice that you blurred the child’s picture in the family photo. Wonder if Child Protective Services have been notified for possible drug exposure to the child. Unsafe environment and all that. Of course given the stats on child investigations, do not expect the Sheriff, Danville PD or the associated internal affairs officers to show much intest.

    The Fuck Factory blog is certainly a fine example of the police.

  4. The best part of all of this whole thing is that San Leandro Police Detective Jason William Fredriksson also has a blog which everyone should look at. You will need to go to Marga’s blog to read it.

    The title of the blog exceeds the standards for Patch.

    What you will find is Jason’s blog name, which is Big Dirty. The photo of the parts shop he visited with the Nazi flag and his very positive comments about the folks who use the facility tell us what a good thing he is to have representing the citizens of San Leandro.

    That is Seven Year Old Daughter is part of this lifestyle has to be a good place to start with good family values, drug sales and a positive image for women. Just read the blog. Of course Child Protective Services will not be investigating. Neither is Internal Affairs. If they were this would have ceased. Not a surprise really. I am sure that the San Leandro Police Officers Association and Alameda County Sheriffs Office is just thrilled with veteran offficer Jason Frederikkson.

    I ride a bike too. I will not feel bad if he is not there at all. Not all bikers are bad. The ones with foul words and Nazi flags that are wannabee angels are bad. They are the 1 percenters and they all belong in Pelican Bay. Not likely that will happen here though. No convictions. Strong Union. Weak Chief and City.

  5. Classy guy. The hypocrisy of SLPD is legendary and can’t be overestimated.

  6. MAX, true that.

  7. I don’t think he’ll be attending the 3rd annual snake ride. What a dumbass.

  8. I personally know Det. Fredrickson and have been involved as an “insider” in this case for some time. What I can say is that this guy is as dirty and unprofessional as they get along with some others in his “Team”. I am not allowed to speak publically about the truth in this matter for fear of reprisals, however, I have direct personal knowledge of many of his missdeeds and illegal activities which far overshadow the current charges he is facing to include perjury, abuse of suspects, threats and intimidation in securing false statements, and planting of evidence. Basically the same old stuff right by the book, and all with the blessing of his Detective Sgt. This whole thing is nothing more than a token bust for a victimless crime in order for SLPD to get rid of him and mitigate the city’s liability before all of his other and more serious “Big Dirty” evidence would be revealed in a court of law. I will not maintain the code of silence in order to protect a “Big Dirty” cop. The public has a right to the truth.

    • Anonymous. What you make are serious accusations and they should be investigated. Clearly I am not the one to do so. I suggest you get in touch with Henry Lee, a staff writer for the San Francisco Chronicle who writes about crime. His e-mail is . The California constitution protects the right of journalists to protect their sources, and you should be able to talk to him anonymously. Good luck!

    • Could you contact me at
      I need to learn a few things about BD. You anonymity will not be compromised.

  9. Marga, anonymous is telling the truth about one of the not so secret secrets of San Leandro. Henry is a nice guy but not muchy of a brave journalist. The extent of this corruption is deeply ingrained within the city, going back before the war. Those who speak out will disappear, recant, or die. Watch and learn. This is so much bigger than you think.

  10. So the Factory is Fucked Blog is gone, a victim of Blogger. Funny how all that happens. No blog. No record. No evidence. No accountability. Watch out for the Original Gangsters we know as the San Leandro Police.

  11. Marga you can be that the union is glad it is gone as well as the attorney’s representing Big Dirty. Anyone out there want to sign up for lottery on whether anything really happens out of this? I suspect that the end results will be sort of like the K9 that killed the dog in Brentwood. Too much of an investment.

  12. I saw a hard copy of the chronicle yesterday morning, it was the lead, and the headline was, “Cop caught selling pot to mistress”, different then the one they used online.

  13. Jason,


    How ironic, you perverted puke!!

  14. Hey “Big Dirty”,

    One more thing!

    Enjoy the custody battle and supervised visitation.

  15. I’m glad to see that “cop school” ad is gone from the top of this post. Hopefully it wasn’t the same one the “Dirty” attended. Ooops! Who put that there? How innapropriate…

    de oppresso liber

  16. I’m sorry about the ads. They are placed automatically by (that’s how they make their $), and I have no way to turn them off. At some point I’ll move this blog to a privately hosted domain and there won’t be any more ads.
    Meanwhile I recommend the AdblockPlus plugin for Firefox, it will get rid of ads in all your pages:
    Rambo, btw, we would appreciate you sharing any information you have about Fredriksson and any dirty dealings at the SLPD.

  17. I’m sorry as a Special Forces Soldier I’m sworn to secrecy, however, stay tuned and maybe I will tell a few good “war stories” for now I must be cautious. I do promise you there is a movie in this, it’s just that good. I will call it the “Big Dirty”. Since you can’t profiteer from your crimes I guess I will have to spend all the money myself. Just to be “BIG” myself, I will let you suggest who will play your role. Does anyone have a suggesgtion? Names will be changed to protect the innocent.

    Right now I must be resigned to gloating…

    Hey “Dirty” I just wanted to let you know I’m @ the park with my beautiful family and enjoying this gorgeous day. I don’t suppose you wil be doing anything like that for A LONG TIME.

    Please do me a favor and say “HI!” to your informant(s). I know everything asshole.

    You should have been more cautious before you and that whore fucked with me!! Oh and don’t believe everything people say asshole, especially when you are dealing with a trained professional in the art of cover stories. You shouldn’t have believed you know who!

    Say “Dirty”, you don’t mind me calling you that do you? Now that we’re buds and all; I feel like watching a movie tonight with my family. I think I’m in the mood for “Trading Places”

    de oppresso liber

  18. “Dirty”,

    CI also stands for “Criminal Informant”.

  19. “Dirty” (aka lying sack of shit),

    I know you set me up with your “yellow” Fed informant. Although you knew the truth you pursued the case and tried to ruin my life. Well, dickhead, you and your buddies missed. The truth always has a way of setting you free, as in my case. Now enjoy your karma.

    Alla Akbar

  20. “Big Dirty D”

    After you kill yourself, and I’m sure you will, as it would be the only honorable thing you could ever do in your life and certainly be better for everyone, have your buddies let me know where you are buried so I can take a “Big D” on your grave.

    • Rambo, I just want to remind you that Fredriksson has a daughter.

      • Ya Marga I know! So do I actually I have two children and I haven’t seen my much of my little 10 yr old girl in over a year because of his lies and corruption, so don’t expect me to feel sorry for that “man”, and I use the term loosely. I do have compassion for his child, however, unfotunately she will suffer the most.

        • He also has a newborn. Get over yourself Rambo…people make mistakes, you obviously did or you wouldn’t have had any dealings with him. Now, move on and make the best of your life and let go of your anger.

          • What the FUCK do you know Penny!!

            This was much more than a “MISTAKE”, it was corruption to the MAX and a total misscarriage of justice.

            You don’t know the first thing about this case and have no right to judge ME!

            You werent the one whose life this piece of shit tried to destroy along with untold collateral damage.

            Go back to your Haqgen Dass and soap operas and “SHUT THE HELL UP!”

          • One more thing Penny….I have a right to bath in my anger for a reasonable period of time. The case against me was found to be “unjust” and has been dissmissed as of the writing of this reply.

            Now let go of the ice cream and go take a walk.

          • This piece of shit who calls himself Big Dirt turned my son over to the DEA for Cultivation of Marijuana and my son has been locked up for the past seven months, refused bail and is looking at 10 years in Federal Prison. What a two faced piece of shit. I hope he is two big a pussy to kill himself and they lock him in general population so he can what he really desererves. I hope his family is suffering just like my family.

  21. I’ll bet anything “Dirty’s” favorite show was “The Shield”. My guess would be he didn’t watch the last episode. Huh, too bad puke, no do-overs in life anjd this isn’t the movies. Speaking of movies how about Charlie Sheen in the “Big Dirty”? Anyone? Bueller? Marga? Anyone? Are you there? I can feel you reading this.

    • Rambo, all I know about Fredriksson is what is on this page & other news stories, which means painfully little.

      • You wanted the scoop Marge! Get your shovel, here it is! Now you know more than you ever thought you could and I do remember you asking.

        Maybe you can’t handle the truth.

        Thank you Rambo!

        • Hey, I personally believe that the Police need to be accountable for their actions – but they can’t be accountable unless there is transparency. The SLPD is very tight-lip, they respond to questions with intimidation and threats. So yes, I would love for you and everyone who had encounters with the Police to post their stories. I invite everyone to do so.

          BUT, I don’t want anyone to compromise themselves (either as suspects in criminal investigations or plaintiffs in police abuse cases) unintentionally.

  22. “Fred” didn’t care about my children when he and his NAZI WHITE SUPREMIST STORM TROOPERS came smashing in my door and waved locked and loaded automatic weapons in my 1yr old’s face. They didn’t even know of his existance. Good survellance work “D”. He lied on half of his reports and made up the other half. Oh, did I mention he helped a Fed informant plant evidence on me. More on that later. There is more…so much MORE.

  23. Oh did I mention that the SLPD has employed a bunch of PERVERTS” I mean other than
    “Big D” (that goes without saying) . Who would imagine that from a bunch of guys that got the city sued in a sexual harrassment scandal. Let’s just say for now they were VERY INNAPROPRIATE with my wife.
    Hey “Big D” my “BiG D” is bigger than yours, and a whole lot more honorable too. I don’t go around sticking my “D” where it doesn’t belong. Allthough I might make an exception for you “Big Boy”.

  24. I know I sound like an angry vindictive asshole, well very simply, Marga, I AM. However, I am an honorable man.

  25. Oh well, its been nice but lawyers say to shut the fuck up. Chow, Marga hope it was good for you too. I feel like a cigarette and a long hot shower. WHEW!

  26. Bye Rambo! Thank you for the information you shared. Feel free to come back and share any info whenever, but do listen to your lawyer. Unfortunately in our political system money talks at every level. The City Council protects the Police blindly to get endorsements and checks from the Police Union. Only when they have to face substantial lawsuits they’re willing to push for change in the Police department.

    • Oh one more shout out to my enemies..

      Hey Maria you’ve been made! You should have never gotten into bed with the “Dirty D”. Now the winds of change are here and payback is a bitch, much as yourself.

      BTW the DA is on to YOU now for your conspiracy with the “D”.

      When this is over I’m going to take the kids to Disneyland with YOUR MONEY!!

  27. Hey Marga!

    This “Nigga” is free! FREE!!! FREE!!! FREE at last!!!

    Yes Solidier, you are “DISSMISSED!”

    Now on to Hollywood!!!

  28. I would like to thank all of my supporters for you faith in me, I could not have made it without you.

    Also, I would like to thank my Mother for giving birth to me. I’m glad you didn’t have to suffer the last year of Hell and uncertainty with the rest of us, however, I am truly sorry you were not here to experience the blessings of seeing your beautiful grandchildren. they would have loved you very much. Rest in peace Mom, I love you!

    To all the people that lied and betrayed the trust of our society and have manipulated the legal system to gain an unfair advantage, I just wanted to say “FUCK YOU VERY MUCH!” You have now created a monster that is going to go to law school and come back to bite you in your asses.

    Thank you Marga for this opportunity to allow me my 15 minutes.


  29. I wanted to give a special thanks to my beautiful wife.

    Honey, you really came thru for me and did a wonderful job and I couldn’t have made it without you. You are the strongest woman I know and I love you very much.

    I thought you deserve some public recognition.

  30. To my lovely daughter,

    I know you aren’t going to read this right now, but I wanted to put it down for posterity anyway.

    You are the apple of my eye and have been the bravest little girl I have ever seen for the past year and more.

    I’m sorry for what is happened to you in all of this, none of it was right. All of the things you heard about your Daddy were wrong. Sometimes bad things do happen to good people and life is sometimes not fair. That is true for the both of us as well as our family.

    A sergeant of mine would always say “NO GOOD DEED SHALL GO UNPUNISHED”. That is not always true, however, sometimes it is.

    Your life will soon be back to normal and this all will seem like a small blip to you one day.

    Just know that your Daddy loves you very much and always will.

    De oppresso liber!!!

  31. Hey “Fred”,

    I’ll bet you Dad is real proud of you, huh?

    He’s probably wondering where he went wrong as he’s saying to himself “I sent the boy to school, bought him books and all he did was eat the covers!”

  32. “D”

    Hey “Bud” wait a minute, STOP!, put down the Valium for a minute and take that 40cal out of your mouth (just for a second) and check this one out.

    You and I both know this shit against you is more than about a little pot and kinky sex.

    I wonder how long it will be before the FED’s come in on you for Civil Rights Violoations for all the shit you’ve pulled?

    Your “Partners” must be pretty nervous about that and are wondering what kind of deal you will make to avoid that 10yr mandantory minimum sentence.

    You know the city is scared shitless of this case. Your timing couldn’t be worse considering all of the “Dirty Cop” stuff going around lately. I’m sure they are going to throw you away like a piece of garbage to satisfy the public outrage. Even the Union is not going to be able to help you out on this one.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if your “Team” doesn’t make you the captain of your own 50gal oil drum to shut you up.

    Hey congrats! Your pal Penny just told me you had a baby.

    Two baby Mommas=Two custody battles. Man I feel sorry for you, I only had to deal with one and that was a real BITCH let me tell you.

    Now as you were..Carry on.

  33. Rambo, I’m glad the charges were dismissed. Now that you have that behind you, I hope you’ll talk to a lawyer about coming out with your story of what happened. If there is deeper corruption within the SLPD, I think the public show know about it.

    • I will.

      Thanks for listening and not deleting my rantings. I know they are offensive but no more than what the SLPD has perpetrated. My family and I have suffered greatly for more than a year and have exausted our financial resources in an allready bad economy. This medium of expressing myself is very theraputic for me and I do hope it is informative as well.

      My sister is a Psychologist and told me to include her in my list of kudos as she spend much time speaking with me over the last many months. Thanks Sis! (Don’t send me a bill)

      I did have the aid of another very wonderful therapist who proved to be indispensible and helped me avoid the “MEDS”.

      At least some justice was served and the matter is now clear.

      I know I sound like a mad man but I really am a very honorable gental person with a spotless record who also happens to be very mad. Because of my good character several very wonderful people put themselves out there for me when they didn’t have to, in order to serve justice. There identities will be protected as will mine when I come out with the full story.

      I’m going to tell it because it needs to be told (and I wont mind making a few $ to recover from this disaster).

      I promise it will be a great story complete with intrigue, betrayal, suspense, corruption and now SEX(thanks to the “Big Dirty”). I guess it will have it all.

      I have to say that if I wasn’t helped out my story would have never had a voice and I would have been pushed thru the legal “meat grinder” like everyone else in this “revolving door system”.

      While in jail I was telling one of the inmates how I was treated by the police and how they abused me and my family and violated many of our civil rights. He simply responded with “Now you know what it feels like to be Black”.

      I agree with Craig Williams comments on “snitching and the erosion of the justice system”. My case is a perfect illustration to make that point. That system actually rewards criminals for their bad behavior by allowing them a very strong incentive to create a situation where none existed prior. EVERYONE should listen to the Youtube lecture referred to in Mr. Williams post!

      The whole mechanism is driven by the “asset forfeiture” policy that police departments rely on for a source of income.
      Cities have been turning a blind eye to illegitimate police practices surrounding the use of “informants” because of the financial gain realised from their activities. However, now as we are seeing it is getting out of hand in epidemic proportions and resulting in much corruption. A friend of mine says “When there is a problem, always follow the money!”

      The “Prison Industry” as well as the “Military Industrial Complex” are yet more examples of this brand of corruption. Now I have had experiences with both of them in my life I think I can spin a good yarn or two. Sadly,most all people that are “unfairly” victimized by this system are poor and Black with no chance of having their voice heard and they are just easy fodder for the machine.

      I was extremely blessed to be among the very few to survive such a horrific device such that the criminal justice system is.

      A very wonderful man and dear friend to me who shall be remain unnamed told me, “The people that make these laws surrounding arrest and seizure have never had their doors kicked in unjustly”.

      I wonder if the problem is that of human greed or is a problem with the system? Perhaps it is both.

      Thanks for listening.

      • hey rambo,
        we should talk, i typed like 4 different replys but every time i got so into my post i forgot to put an email and it got erased by error. lets just say it involves ole dirty freds last operation and “big bust” as lead detective right before his demise. email me it also involes things like dignity and honor in which ole freddy dirty doesnt have. how does one live with himself…..o wait hes been working over the system and its civilians so he probably doesn’t think he needed his dignity. money and power easily blinds such weak personalities that call themselves men. just remember when a man has nothing left as long as he has his honor and dignity he is worthy to himself carry on. cant say the same for this guy and some of his team. but he may never feel the real deal because hes got all this money from his schemes and until he has nothing left, he may never know. plus we all know this justice system is going to do squat to his ass. my guess is hes going to relocate eventually. i just feel sorry for the 6 year old kid without a real man as a father and a grandpop that’s a child molester, the worst scum of the universe in my book.

        semper fi
        ones honor and dignity coincides with the morals and philosophies of their own conscious. compromise that just means you compromised your self and you own life. what really is left for you after that?
        i know what the samurai used to do…….but such a “man” wouldn’t understand

  34. Marga,

    What type of lawyer are you? Are you practicing? You must be pretty cool since you haven’t gotten rid of me yet.

  35. Seriously – is the bigger picture here why the fuck a cop of any stature is making $200k a year? What a fucking joke!

    • That, unfortunately, has a rather simple answer. Local politicians want to get endorsed and supported by the Police Union when they run for City Council. For that reason, they are pretty much willing to give them /anything/ they ask for and more. Until the last election, the conventional wisdom was that without the Police’s endorsement you’d lose. Alas, that no longer seems to be the case. There were only two competitive races for council last year, and both of the candidates that won were NOT endorsed by the Police. Now, granted, the Police didn’t do much to help their candidates other than endorse them (they didn’t walk for them or gave them substantial financial contributions), but bad press about the Police’s pettiness might have contributed to the defeat of the Police’s candidates.

  36. Hey Rambo, I know someone who may be interested in your script.

  37. I love it. What come around goes around.

  38. This piece of shit who calls himself Big Dirty turned my son over to the DEA for Cultivation of Marijuana and my son has been locked up for the past seven months, refused bail and is looking at 10 years in Federal Prison. What a two faced piece of shit. I hope he is two big a pussy to kill himself and they lock him in general population so he can what he really desererves. I hope his family is suffering just like my family.

    • Never mind that I taped out to early.

      Anyway, if you need great legal defense the Cooper Law Firm for criminal defense are MY BOYZ! There are in Berkeley and you should check them out. Tell them I sent you and talk to Dustin, he’s a real cool cat and knows alot about “FRED”. Good luck!

  39. Fredrickson came over to my house and did a probation search, he didn’t find anything, but he took $800.00 and kept it. I am not the only one that had that happen, I know other people that he has searched and took their money away from them.

    • I think you should file a complaint, if it didn’t happen too long ago.

      • Friends, Romans, and San Leandrans,

        I know I spewed ALLOT of venom in my last posts, but, HEY I WAS PISSED! What can I say? I couldn’t help but notice many of my posts are missing, what’s the matter did I make you cry?
        What I would like to say is that I have been in contact with the GOOD PEOPLE of the SLPD in the Internal Affairs Division (Hey I couldn’t resist, I was on a roll) and have had an entirely different experience that I would like to let everyone know about. I found the personnel working there to be compasionate and of an extremely high caliber.
        I don’t want everyone to think I’m a cop basher or anything like that. I myself have experience in law enforcement within the military during the war on drugs and know there are bad apples in every bunch.
        It took alot of nerve to approach them after what happened but now I’m glad I did. Please, in the interest of justice, if anyone out there has had a similar experience to mine and feels helpless, I’ll tell you there is help. Just ask like I did. It’s probably better than rantin like a lunatic anyway.

        de oppresso liber

  40. Any word on the results of B.D.’s preliminary hearing?

  41. I heard the weed was in Police Department evidence bags when discovered ad the informants house.

  42. So what do the readers think of BD chances of beating the rap, and if he does, what are his chances of keeping his job?
    This should be a concern of all San Leandro residents, especially the one who filed the original complaint.

    • Mike, I think it’s impossible for us to know what his chances are because we have no clue what the evidence against him is. Nor do we have a clue of whether the SLPD will do what it can to investigate and help prosecute Fredriksson, or to cover up his misdeeds. That’s ultimately the problem here, how do we need we can trust the Police?

  43. The issue is not whether a citizen can trust the police or not. The issue is whether or not the Alameda County District Attorney is going to pursue the criminal charges that Jason Frederiksson is charged with. Time will tell.

    Hopefully the Family Frederiksson, father and son, will both be in San Quentin for a long time. The betrayal of the public trust and buggery of children are detestable transgressions that should be dealt with by the greatest possible level of fury and resolve.

  44. Well, it seems BD has dropped off the map. Quit his job, and is now living with his favorite snitch, a relative of mine. She’s carrying his son, (just what we need, another one). I wonder how long after the birth BD will hit the road to find someone else to knock up. That’s right, BD. I ratted you out, and I’m gonna make sure you don’t just fall off the map. More charges, maybe?

  45. Hi Marga!
    Funny thing happened, retaliation came my way. A call from Tracy PD Det. Flores to inform me of allegations I had been sending naked photos of my niece to his ex-wife. I had even signed them “SCarbo”. After explaining the situation (it was a very good interview) Det. Flores explained all he had to do was get the IP address and he would know the source. I told him I wished he would do just that, and get back to me with what he discovered. So far,about 6 months, no call back.
    Pretty weak, wouldn’t you say?

  46. Well an update – since this happened “Big Dirty” is now engaging in identity theft. Fraudulently claiming EDD at his Oakland CA address. What a winner!!!! Look into it, pay him a little visit on Florida St.

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