May 202011

Fredriksson's booking photo

San Leandro Police Detective Jason Fredriksson (aka “Big Dirty”) was charged today with furnishing marijuana to a confidential informant for sale.  Apparently, he was having an affair with said informant.  His wife, Sheryll Cofreros (aka “The Riz”) Fredriksson, is a dispatcher for the SLPD.  Both are on paid administrative leave.  A search of the couple’s Danville home revealed evidence of the marijuana sale.  Police does not yet know where he got the pot.

Fredriksson is a detective in the vice/narcotics unit and a member of San Leandro’s SWAT team.  He is 38 years old and a graduate of Las Lomas High School in Walnut Creek. According to one profile:

“After High School I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and pursued a career as a firefighter. After the military I worked several unappealing jobs then found my way into Law Enforcement. I started my career as a Deputy Sheriff then moved to a municipal Police Dept. and started my career as a patrol officer. As of 2005 I have been a sworn officer for 6 years. I am the father of a beautiful little girl named Hailey and in my free time enjoy spending time with good friends and building nostalgia Hot Rods.”

Fredriksson receives  $193,233 a year in total compensation.  Fredriksson married Cofreros in 2009, in 2010 they bought their Sonora Ave. home in Danville  for $1.1 Million.

The San Leandro Police Department, under Chief Spagnoli, has taken a very strong position against medical marijuana dispensaries coming to town.  They’ve gone as far as to lie to City Council about the medicinal value of medical marijuana (claiming it has none). Meanwhile, they apparently have failed to police the activities of their own members.  The investigation of Fredriksson’s activities apparently came as a result of a “tip” by a San Leandro resident, not any internal control mechanisms they may have

June Update: In a seemingly unrelated event, Jason Fredriksson’s father, John Fredriksson, has been arrested on charges of molesting a young female relative from 1988 to 1992. He’s recently been in therapy for his compulsion.  More info on Patch.

Fuck the Factory – Fredriksson’s motorcycle blog. Note, the site has been removed and the google cached version has expired, so the link is to a PDF file of what the site looked like.

San Leandro Police Department press release

Jason Fredriksson having fun with wife Sheryll Cofreros & friends

Jason Fredricksson in High School (dressed up?)

Detective Jason Fredriksson and his hot rod

Jason Fredriksson with his daughter

Jason & Sheryll Fredriksson