Nov 232013

I posted this on Mayor Stephen Cassidy’s Facebook page.   I don’t believe he will answer, but I wanted to give him the opportunity to do so before I write a more comprehensive blog article on the subject.  Cassidy has also failed to answer questions on the dangers of flooding in the San Leandro shoreline and on what actual gang activity in San Leandro is.

What is the city’s policy on following City Council policy?  As you know, I wrote to you and the City Attorney pointing out how the San Leandro Police Department was commonly violating the social media policy passed by the City Council.

As you also know, the response by the City Attorney was to acknowledge this fact and say that the social media policy would be changed to accommodate SLPD practice.   As far as I know this hasn’t happened, but the Police and you, yourself, continue to systematically violate it. For example, you just posted a photo of a meeting that includes four identifiable individuals, including Oakland’s Mayor Jean Quan. By the City’s policy, you should have gotten the expressed permission of each one of them before posting it.  Did you do so?

So my question to you is: what is your policy and the City’s policy on following City Council policies? Are policies approved by the City Council recommendations, guidelines, hopes, or what exactly?

I think San Leandro citizens have the right to know why you pass policies but will not actually follow them.

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