Jan 292014

If you are ever going to read one article one Oakland, this is the one you must read

If you dare to call yourself progressive, to think of yourself a progressive, then you must read it and think about it.

“There are two public/private worlds in Oakland existing in parallel to one another. Mostly white, fairly affluent people live in one, where they are focused on issues of expression and personal privacy—especially in cyberspace. The privacy battlefield of this group is theoretical. While there is much generalized surveillance it is not yet directed at this demographic in any copious way, and much of the focus is preventative to avoid a reality suggested by everyone’s favorite rhetorical device, George Orwell’s 1984. Oakland’s other world is populated by mostly Black, Asian and Latino people in the city’s poor and of color neighborhoods. Privacy in that world has an entirely different set of parameters and connotations.”

The Other Domain: Oakland’s Parallel Public/Private Worlds


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